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Free WordPress theme for photographers, designers and illustrators looking for a geometric and adaptive raster-based layout. Block - Photography Free WordPress Theme This is a WordPress theme for the photographer, designer, and illustrator looking for a geometrical and adaptable raster-based design. Easily design or download pre-defined designs that can be merged and customized with several other items such as menu items, art galleries, text and more. Topics enable you to build reactive websites in a natural way, with no more effort than drag and drop.

Page Builders does this for you and all you have to do is build or rearrange the page items and they appear without coding. Each of our designs is cross-browser compliant, so they look great on any machine or display. Your website has a ton of choices to customize; every individual page of your site's look and feel can be customized through the Page builder.

Topics optimized for searchengines, which you can rely on. Each individual point has been considered to get the best results. Each individual item on each page of the theme (404, results, archive, blog, etc...) can be re-designed using the Page builder. There are a variety of tools available for use in the topics, such as fast reacting arteries, socially relevant symbols, and more.

Delivering super-fast and high-performance, our AutoPlug & Paste builders build and store pages in seconds using AJAX technologies to enhance usability.

The Block Magazine - Flat and minimalist blog theme by Dannci

The Block Magazines is a cool and easy WordPress blogs topic with brickwork and a fully functional lay-out. The topic is suitable for all blogs or magazines sites. Topic functionality and functionality are built on a robust backend frameworks. Key characteristics of the theme: Enhanced Theme Administration Panels, Grid (Masonry) Homepage, Blogs Templates, Enhanced User Defined Menü - with Favorite Contributions, Info Finite Scolling, Automatic Image Saturation*, Retina Fit, Flex Roundabout, 3 User Defined Dropdown Maps, Responsible Layouts, Indefinite Colour Patterns - with colour pickers,

Text selection/customization - 57 font types available (web-safe and Google web fonts), multiple jQuery slider controls (as pads and in posts), available videos - user-defined index boxes, built-in scoring system, dummy demonstration contents, logo and favoricon up-load, social networking section, authors submission, preparation for translations, latest WordPress available, sleek tabular format. Homepage, Full-Width template, Redirect, Error 404, Blog Template (index.php), Archiv templates, Autor templat, 3 mail layout (left, right and without sidebar), Plugin compatibility: and more....

Blocks, widths & shortcodes: Enhanced shieldcode generation, 9 user-defined widgets: Selected widgets, 300px displays (custom widget), 4×125px displays (custom widget), Latest commentaries (custom widget), Flicker photos (custom widget), About us info (custom widget) and more.... Related magazines / blog themes: - updated: Awesome Font release; - (WP 4.4 update) cleared idle script in indexo. pp files; - fixed: drop-down in response modus; - added: alternate "desaturation" files.

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