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You can download Block Earth and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. See the download rankings for Block Earth in the United States. Play Block Earth and many other apps and download the best ipa games for all Apple devices. Today free with FREE APPLICATION OF ONE DAY! The Block Earth is presented by "Free App a Day".

Blocking the Earth in the App Store

The Block Earth is an application for creating, searching and splitting environments and mini-games. Works in a blocky, Minecraft-style universe with lifelike creatures and progressive shades. Upload it to discover millions of ready-made environments and gameplay or create your own. Make a train or a Rollercoaster to drive. In order to enjoy your experience of playing wireless LAN s with your buddies or playing online, you can upgraded to our Premier version within the class.

More than 40,000 universes and exploration game. Build great environments and mini-games. Sharing universes and playing game with the universe. Let me start by saying that Block Earth is an awesome application! My favorite thing is to build towns and different arena that are based on reality. However, I think there could be a lot of enhancements, mainly aimed at the addition of new material.

I also think that there should be more growth in the shape of shrubs, pines, palms and more naturally occurring construction products (stone, timber, etc.). A few other construction products I suggest are sands, concrete slabs, stuccoes and more colours of brick and timber (siding). After all, I think it would be fantastic if the users could breed their own pets by just putting them like any other construction stuff.

Okay, so I loved this application that I've had for a while and that I like to do. But the thing that bothered me was that I was paying for this application when I got it for $1.99, I know it's not that much, but anyway, now there's a free one?

But seriously, why make another free application and the same free application that costs cash, overall it's strange, but I really like this one and I'm lucky with it, and you should give it 5 star at last a cheaper/free play, Haaha, that's BETTER than Mini Force (my opinion) Well done ChooFun!

?? Oh and can you be adding neighbours on-line who are genuine humans who cannot move your house/property on block earth. Can you also create your own custom avatar to use? Perhaps a few other chars that could be yours, like changing chars from char to char, just a thought still possessed by this application! Compatibility Requires 8.0 or higher version of your SOS.

Up to six members of the extended familiy can use this application by setting up their own sharing system.

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