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Checked top 8 of the best free & paid blog platforms (for 2018) However, if you're here to read this article right now, you're probably thinking about launching your own blog and making the jump from a mere blog user to an actual author. Before you even begin to blog, you must first choose the best blogspanning platform to build and host your blog on the web. Today we take a look at the best blog sites, as well as free blogs, and give you our final overview of the 8 best and most loved of them. We' go through the advantages and disadvantages of each and suggest the best blog site for your particular needs.

The last update of this reviews / comparisons of the 8 best blogs was on September 12, 2018. Discusses the latest bots and properties of each and every blogs trading site on the site. Downloads to blog ( and website manage ) softwares, as well as the most beloved blogs application out there. Do you know that WordPress is the most beloved blogsite of all, currently running more than 25 per cent of the total web?

In fact, every fourth website is created with a WordPress blog site. No, a customizedomainname is something you need to buy seperately. You can then connect it to your hosting-account. Even WordPress that is harboured in a hostel is certainly not a learnerless turn. After that, however, it is very easy to use this blogsite every day to post your contributions.

There are also literal hundred of themed shops offering countless individual styles. The WordPress application is extremely extensible. Hosted inclusive? Yes. The program is a freeware bundle that you need to upload/install onto a web site that you already use. Blogs who want to make a living top of their blog.

Blogs who want to make the blog a part of their businesses. Though looks like the best place for a young person to blog, it also has some drawbacks. This is the most beloved blog site on the web. Cannot include hosted services. It' s quite simple to mistake for, a blog posting site that is next on the queue.

For your convenience, we have created a guideline about the differences between and When you want to earn cash with your blog or attract a serious fan base, you have to buy webhosts. Self-managed WordPress. The ORG blog allows you to monetise the blog simply with advertising from ORG or to market your own brand.

With the COM-server of WordPress or one of the other free web sites this is really not possible. Here it is: (and any other free blog site hosting) will own all your blog postings and show their OWN adverts for casual businesses on YOUR blog. They' gonna make a living with your work!

So if you don't mind who is advertising on your blog and making cash, go to WordPress. But if you want to make a part-time/full-time salary or be taken seriously as a blogger, then go with WordPress. Here is an exclusive bonus for you: Fortunately, I have a SPECIAL 72% HOSTGATOR EXCLUSIVE rebate for you, my blog reader, so your hosted cost can be as low as $2.92 per monthly!

Here is an exclusive bonus for you: Fortunately, I have a SPECIAL 72% HOSTGATOR EXCLUSIVE rebate for you, my blog reader, so your hosted cost can be as low as $2.92 per monthly! Here is an exclusive bonus for you: Fortunately, I have a SPECIAL 72% HOSTGATOR EXCLUSIVE rebate for you, my blog reader, so your hosted cost can be as low as $2.92 per monthly!

Self gehostete is better than because you get a customized Domain and own all your contents. Most of the blogging uses for these purposes. As it comes with a study curve, we have a great free how to launch a WordPress blog to help you.

Keep in mind, for serious Blogger or anyone who wants to earn a little cash with his blog, you need to get a dependable web site that fits it..... Posted blogsite created with WordPress client application. is a WordPress host application. That means instead of downloading and installing the program yourself, all you have to do is register for an login and you can blog in just a few moments.

To get a step-by-step tutorial, you can review my how to begin with blogging. Three available plans: $0 - great for easy blogs, $99 / year - great for pro blogs, $299 / year - great for sophisticated businesses. They can also create a user-defined domains (this will cost $18/year; for funded schemes a user-defined domains is included).

Much simpler to use than the self-hosted WordPress edition, as you have to take a lot of the hassle out of transporting (hosting, website set-up, base configuration). Once set up, it's especially convenient to use this blogsite every day to post your articles. All in all, keeps things straightforward and doesn't offer as many creative possibilities as self-hosted WordPress.

Popular functions such as share, statistics, comment ary and surveys are provided, but there is no way to add third-party plug-ins. Hosteling inclusive? Yes, you can get your website without extra payment when you get your host. Anybody who wants to launch a blog without investments. Who is for? Overall, is a lightweight release of self-hosted WordPress.

So if you're just interested in blogs and don't want to try out your site's customized functionality, will do for you. Hosting and subtitle including. You can use it for $0. No way to get your own designs. can always unplug your blog if they don't find your acts in accordance with their own policies.

One of the old-timers' hosting platforms for blogs. The Blogger is one of the oldest blogsites in the world. Similar to, Blogger handles the entire technology burden so you can concentrate on just writing it. It is also possible to connect your customized domains, but you must purchase them seperately.

Blogger is simple to use, although somewhat obsolete in comparison to some more advanced tools such as or Media. Set up your blog is still very simple and fast. There is no knowledge needed to begin blogs under Blogger. Aside from that, there's not much you can do about the way your blog is designed.

Hosteling inclusive? Yes, Blogger will take charge of your blog posting at no extra cost. You can start a blog in less than a second. Housing and subtitle including. This is a trendy blog ging hostted blog site with a hint of networking. The Tumblr is one of the best blog sites specifically designed for those who want to post brief contents such as micro-blogs, quotations, pictures, videos as well as GIF animations.

Absolutely no abilities needed to launch and run a tumbler blog. This is the most user-friendly of the 8 blogs we are examining here. Hosted inclusive? Yes, Tumorblr will host your blog at no extra charge. Tumorblr is the blogsite for you if you don't plan to turn your blog into a commercial venture, or if you don't want to worry about enhanced functionality and enhancements.

Community-Appearance - Tumblr is a community networking as well as a blogsite. Hosting and subtitle including. Limited functionality in comparison to the other plattforms on this page. An published blog for your blog posts and article blogs. It is not contained. Recently, however, Medium allowed its visitors to link their own user-defined domain names with their own story on medium.

Again, this means that single storylines can now use user-defined domain names rather than customized profile users. And all you have to do is register and you can immediately begin posting your stories/posts. Hosteling inclusive? Authors who want to develop their brands. Corporate blog entries posted outside the company's Web site. Media assists you in distributing your contents by using customized algorithm and editing.

So if you just want to "experiment with this blogs thing," Media is the way to do it. No customized design. Downloads for bloggers and a hosting blogsite. Ghost's primary concept was to make it a more simple WordPress version...something that would just be a blogsite, without all the enhanced context menu functionality recently added to WordPress.

It costs $8-$200 per hosting session, based on the number of blogging you want to run and the expected amount of visitors. The day-to-day use of the site is also very simple to understand, although the user experience is a little "geeky" - with the help of Markdown Split-Screen and everything else.

Hosted inclusive? Ghost Per includes free webcasting. Blogs who like to explore new forums. Ghost is still not the best place to create a blog, whether it be a blog for pros or a blog for businesses. Developed as a blogsite over everything else. Not as adaptable as WordPress.

Easy-to-use on-line website builders and website hosted services. Square Space is one of the best all-in-one website creation tools. They can use it to start blogging, shopping, e-commerce and more. Squarespace is the only site on this page that has put in a Super Bowl ad (twice).

Yes, you will receive a customized domainname with your domainnamescription. No. Squarespace is very intuitive to use, even if it's the first times you've created a website or blog. Publish new assets is equally straightforward, and the customized layout engine lets you organize your blog assets by dragging and dropping.

Hosted inclusive? Shopkeepers who need a good looking and optimised website and blog. Performers, musician, photographer, creative people in general who want to blog and present their work effectively. and runs a corporate blog. Undesigned people who want to be able to create a blog from the ground up.

Overall, it may be the best blogsite for anyone who wants to create a professional looking website or blog all by themselves. However, if you only need a blog - without the extra things - then there are more appropriate clues. Hosting and user-defined domains inclusive.

Create contents by drag-and-drop. Too feature-rich if you just need a blog. Easy-to-use on-line website builders and website hosted services. It is also possible to include a customized domains that you already own. You will need to perform a few extra actions to complete the blog addition.

Hosted inclusive? Similar to Squarespace, shopkeepers who need a good looking and optimised website and blog. Undesigned people who want to be able to create a blog from the ground up. Performers, musician, photographer, creative people in general who want to blog and present their work effectively.

The WixWebsite builder is an interesting alternate to Squarespace, especially for those who have no investment budgets and want to keep things free. However, the blog engine is not so customizable. So, if you want a blog above all, you're better off with another one.

Create contents by drag-and-drop. Limited options for blog adaptation, especially in comparison to other listed options. No own blogsite. I think most blogs have their place in the industry on this one. Create a blog for myself / my company, and I want to have full command over it.

To be able to add new plugs, modify topics and customize my blog to suit my needs. - Start using today with this step-by-step tutorial. Now I need a blog and have no cash to put in! I am launching a face-to-face / amateur blog, and I will mainly publish writing on it.

I am interested in advanced technologies and would like to work with the most advanced blogsite! I' m a proprietor. In order to be able to ride, I need a website and a blog, ideally in the same place (domain). WordPress surpasses all other plattforms, we believe. It' s powerfull, simple to use, affordably priced and the most versatile of all available blogsystems.

Below are all the things you should use WordPress for. To make it even more efficient, you can use our hosted service. Don't be worried if you haven't yet selected to host. This way you can start playing with all these different blogs and start enjoying the real thing of blog posting and endless blogs-free!

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