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Code free app creation for busy bloggers. Build an app in minutes! Sharing your app before you publish it. Watch the downloads of your app. Notify your users with in-app messages.

Creating a blog

Entering the Articles App section, simply click on the plus icon that appears in the center of your desktop and get set to launch your own blog. Here you can upload your text, pictures and everything you need to make a blog that is enjoyable and interesting for your people.

Explore type, format, and color, customize everything, and see what works best for your new blog. If you' re done uploading your own contents and decorating everything with some great pictures or info graphics, click the Post icon and split your great blog post with the whole wide globe....

With your articles posted, you can sit back and unwind, or you can go back and visit the article management section. You can see an outline of all the articles you have posted and those which are in draft form or which you have removed.

As you can see, it doesn't take much writing to make a blog. Think about the appearance of your blog - what kind of design you want, how many posts per page, etc. - before you start creating a blog.

Creating an App

As so many before you, you have a great app concept that burrows in your mind, and you have no clue how to make it and all its winning potentials a success. Whilst some advice you to employ a programmer and spend a fortune on your ideas, realistic people will tell you that the risks are too great.

While there are tonnes of app-building programs out there that can help you turn your visions into realities, the easy way is with some design and methodological work on your part, the whole thing is pretty easy. Creating an app - Stage 1: Setting a target. Back away from any kind of tech and get out a stylus and a piece of hard copy tape and specify what you want to achieve.

In the app glossary, the start line is stylus and pencil, not complicated encoding and design. But before you do anything, get a clear idea of what you want to do! Creating an app - Stage 2: Sketching your ideas. Now, you need to use the stylus and pencil that has the answer to the question about the use of your applications to make a draft of what it will look like.

This is where you move your clearly formulated thoughts into visually depicting your thoughts. When this is something you will do, make sure you also outline these notions. Creating an app - Stage 3: Research, do research and then do more research. You' re gonna have to go deeper and explore the rivalry of your app notion.

Now I know that you think that you have a unique brainchild, but the numbers are not in your favour - advantages are someone has already tried it. Look back at your stylus and your piece of writing material in step one and two and change and adapt your ideas accordingly. Your app is a really viable concept?

After all, it saves you a lot of long-term capital. Can' go ahead and waste your life with an ideas that don't work. Think about your outline of how you can earn cash with your app. Will you hold on to your initial ideas or will you alter them?

This will help you isolate the designer notions. Begin your search for designer inspiration. The 99design is a great window for exploring new and cutting-edge creative concepts. Consider your targetgroup when reviewing your work. An appealing appearance is decisive for your end products. This is where you bring your sketches and your styling concept and give your concept a little more clearness and function.

It will be the basis for the evolution of your applications so that it is really a decisive move. We' ve stopped your wireless frame, so at this point in your app creation you have a storyline about how your app should work. Whatever approach you take to developing your app, it is essential to create clear charts to guide everyone involved in your work.

Cruel sincerity is critical in this stage. Keeping your user in the back of your head, try to keep their minds on the ground, not your own. The final objective of this stage is to finalise the final look of the app' structures and foundations. The brain of your app needs to be operational before you begin to add styling to prevent disappointment later in the game.

Don't neglect to think about the feed-back you've received from your examiners. Change the application feature to take into consideration any changes you made on the basis of your initial test period. You' ll need to register an affiliate with Google Play and Apple to get your app to work.

There may be a few working day before the trial is complete, so do not hesitate to postpone this part. Now' s the right moment to engage the designer to build your own custom desktop. As part of the redesign proces, you need to keep an eye on the input you've received from your reviewers, and make sure that the redesign and navigational elements mirror the input you've received.

What do you do with your app? I' ll emphasize again, keep this test feed-back in the back of your head as you develop the look of your app. Take a look at these app designing agencies: Creating an app - Schritt 9: Test your app, WEG. It will help you explore the last levels, interaction and styling of your app.

Use the information you receive from this test to make progress. Have the same person who saw your app during the design stage investigate it during the test stage. Open yourself again to positive critique and use the feed-back accordingly. While Android makes this easy, keeping things organized in a controllable enviroment is what makes things easy for IS.

Now you can track the advancement of your applications from your mobile phone in your Android app creation proces. Your application must be beta-tested on an application testing system named TestFlight. You' ve made your ideas come true, and the last thing you have to do is divide them with the rest of the family.

It' a great way to have your app seen by those who like to take a first look at new things. Remember that these guys keep rethinking things so that their feedbacks might be great for you. Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply include your branding as "Step 13" in this guideline.

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