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D.E. The Design Blog offers you carefully selected, quality inspirations with works by designers from around the world. The design blog deciphers the latest trends. Internationally the most influential magazine for architecture, interior design and design.

Discovery of digital and offline design during the London Design Festival. Cured stories about user experience, usability and product design.

Best 41 Designer Blog Downloads

Regardless of whether you are a creativity manager looking for new talents or a designer looking for inspired ideas, Tumorblr is full of astonishing work. Microblogging services and networking make it mega-easy for anyone who wants to know how to launch a blog. Tumor blood logs can be created in a few moments, and with a Tumor blood logs you can also join other individuals through their Tumor blood logs.

It is this usability and attractiveness that has led Tumblr to service more than 45 million websites. It is a large number for a blogging business, but it will be hard for the user to keep the straw from the grain. This is certainly the case when it comes to design-related blogging, of which there is a wide selection.

In this sense, we have done all the tough work for you and delivered you the best Tumorblr designer blog, which includes graphics design, web design, photograph, illustrations, typography and more. It' tricky to categorize Richard Turley's blog - so we won't even try: we'll just put it at the top of the ranking.

MTV's former SVP and assistant editor, MTV, operates an ecclectic blog full of pictures that inspired or caught his attention. We and the Color was created in 2010 by Dirk Petzold to foster the most exceptional creations of international painters and graphic design professionals. We and the Color wants to empower inspiration and show that there are no limits to your imagination.

Anticipate a wide range of contributions on arts, design, illustrations, photographs, architecture, fashions, entertainment, filmmaking and more. The DOMO-A is a Barcelona-based arts director and graphics design firm that focuses on brands and consumer experiences, and its Tumblr is a great way to get a foretaste of what it's all about - and get some input at the same forte.

This site has a really brutal web design feeling, and the work presented has a trend to mirror the same aesthetics. Sonntag is Webdesign, Monday is Brand-New, Tuesday is Type, Wednesday is Editor, Thursday is Technical, Friday is Commercial and Saturday is Ancient. Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker are two budding graphics artists with a love for everything to do with design.

So they have built this great tumbler blog to collect everything and everyone that inspired them. "The blog was designed to present gifted designer around the globe and their stunning talents," they state. The Adult Arts Club is a design studio that works in the gray area of design, artistic direction und illustrations and is run by Jonny Costello.

This tumbler is full of exciting images, among them nice photographs and graphics. The tumbler blog of the design historian Andrea, who curates finds from the fifteenth to the present as well as inspired objects and works of prehistoric design, is Design is Fine. It is my collection of artistic and design histories, inspired by the past.

The Design Everywhere is a everyday dosage of inspirational visuals found by Preston Tham. Except as otherwise noted, everything you see or hear on the Design Everywhere blog is the sole and exclusive properties of its owner. They are a selection that we love and that provides us with great source of inspiredness. Amazingly, you will find tons of inspiring ideas in your home's architecture, no matter what design methods you currently use.

This tumbler blog features hundred of different effects and lifestyles that can only help you enhance your work. Charlotte Audrey Owen-Meehan is your inspirational contact if you like color. Headquartered in Birmingham, UK, she works as a free-lance design and illustration artist for companies such as Lonely Planet, Poke London and Orange.

Once we klicked on Owen-Meehans Tumor, we were immediately transferred to summers thanks to her skill in locating the lightest sources of inspired music. The Well Made Studio is a design group that works for artists, publishers and lifestylers. Specializing in brands identity, printed campaign and website, the Tumorblr blog is not only full of inspired opinion, but also important about the design business itself.

Made Shop is a brilliantly designed tumbler blog by a brilliantly talented design staff that presents the best works of innovation from around the world in the fields of stills, brands, illustrations and cinematography. Wallpaper*, the high-end architectural, design, fashion, arts and lifestyles publication, has expanded to include the Tumorblr website and gathered the best pictures.

This site is as pleasantly and professionally designed as the printed version. Are you looking for big, nice pictures of the latest design work? Featuring regular updates, this blog will extract the best design on the site and is open to submission. It' a great place to see the work of others and connect with global design professionals.

The Design Cloud is a meticulously selected and educated blog that contains pictures of new work from a variety of design areas, from graphics design to architectural design. The Tumblr blog is beautiful and simple to use. The Wrap is a British printmagazine that celebrates the best illustrations, designs and cultures.

His tumbler blog presents his best works as well as works that inspire the group. As a multifaceted plattform for everything that has to do with Africa and/or Africa, this blog brings a turn for the better to a continuum that is often presented in a bad way. Tumor I Heart Myrt is a seriously Cool Compilation of Modern Arts, Video, Vintage Photo and much more.

Under the direction of Blair Prentice, a British sculptor and graphics specialist, he described it as "a place to store works of fine arts, musical and other interesting objects. The Visva is a breathtaking, inspiring tumbler that offers photos, fashions, printed design and trademark. This is definitely a blog that you should bookmark if you are ever in a stalemate of creativity.

There is a wonderful variety of selected style palettes and yet they fit under the roof of design inspirations. Most of all, we enjoy the concept of adding trendy photos and designs to the blog. The Quirksville is the collaboration tumbler blog of the London graphics design and illustrations duos Naomi Ray and Justina Bailey, who are part of the Vice Logging Network.

This blog is a treat for the eye as it offers arts, design, tech, fashions, music and advertising. There are also one or two paragraphs to each article, so you know exactly what you're looking at, even with convenient hyperlinks. Check out all the beautiful things on nice things like We Like - a tumbler for creative people.

This blog is the ideal place to go when it comes to everyday inspirations, with type, graphics design and illustrations. Dare to take a look without pronouncing the unavoidable four-letter words. Ross Berens' tumbler blog, Ross Berens' design blog, contains a series of inspiring samples of type, printed design, photographs and graphics.

Most of Ross' photos come from other blogs - and of course some of his own findings - so he definitely does share the tumbler-loves! It' a great blog for anyone who loves looking at beautiful things that almost everyone has, isn't it?

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