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I' ve selected some of my favorites that I would like to present and there are a lot of amazing female WordPress blog designers out there. About - Freebies - CLIENT TESTIMONIALS - Design Portfolio - Blogger Designs - WordPress Design - Logo Design & Print Design. Looking for a chic, unique and sophisticated custom blog design?

Invincible Woman WordPress Blog Female Designer

There are a lot of stunning feminine WordPress bloggers out there and I have chosen some of my favorites that I would like to present. Here is a shortlist of 21 unbelievable women designer (and some developers) who know how to use WordPress to slay them. I' ve presented for everyone the sites and blog I like the most from their portfolios.

Please click on the picture to go to the blog and find a shortcut to the designer's website. Are you looking for an individual WordPress themes look or a re-branding, then contact us! Wood Spoons is another small field of web blog designs specializing in WordPress web blogging. Pure Purr Designs makes WordPress web sites especially for edible blogs!

Join the Pinterest with the latest updates! Join Mel Karlik's 20 MB 20 Incredible Womens WordPress Blog Designers on Pinterest.

Designer Blog for WordPress 2010 by solo

Blogs Designer is an efficient and user-friendly way to enhance your blog pages on your web pages.... It is very much liked plug-in for the WordPress blog of the site to draw more customers and more blog-goers. Blogs Designer makes your blog area more interactive and without programming knowledge. It is very simple to administer for novices to website designers.

The Blog Designer plug-in is packed with exactly 45 custom created plugins for different categories and we will add more and more in the next one. When you are looking for category/tag archival designs, Blog Designer is the best answer for you that you have never seen before. Each individual blog submission contains a variety of choices to help you organize and customize your blog styles, including color, fonts, fonts, families, etc.

What is the Blog Designer plug-in useful for? Blogs designer plug-in, useful for all WordPress web pages. The following is a small listing of the uses for which you can launch the Blog Designer WordPress plug-in. What do I do to get started with Blog Designer PRO? After downloading the plug-in zipped and extracting it to your locale disk and selecting the plug-in zipped files (blog-designer-pro. zip) to select'Upload Plugin', install and activate Blog Designer pro in the administration area.

Select your preferred blog lay-out and put a new look on your blog page with all your needs and "Save Change" to submit for the frontend. We' ve grouped our all the blog submissions for you that could help you pick the right one. Allows you to use the defaults for each style sheet or customize them according to your needs.

Blog Designer PRO - What makes it special? You can also specify the blog templates for your customized mailboxes. Previews the look or feel of the layouts before they are published to the frontend. Built-in community sharing button on every posting with community sharing. You do not need to install/activate any other plug-ins for your plug-ins. Added WhatsApp Share for portable use.

Improve your blog page appearance with more than 800 Google fonts supported. Simply move your blog page styling over large fonts sets into the website styling. The 25 individual item designs are different and individual. Ability to replicate your preferred blog lay-out along with its preferences. You can import or export your blog, archive and individual layout simply and at any time for your next website or later use.

Maintain the posting metea of the posting with the Show/Hide On Each Blog Layouts checkbox. Filter your posts by categories and days. Blog visitors may like your blog posts from the lists to boost interest in your blog page. Maintain your mail titles and mail contents with a variety of custom features including type sizes, families, colors, and more.

Custom CSS customizations are supported to overwrite the standard CSS styles. View your blog contents from your posting or excerpt. Organize the length of your contributions using the Contents preferences. Randomly organize your blog entries, mail ID, mail titles, publication date, modification date, etc. Manages the grid distance / edge between the poles of the front end loops.

Divide the presented picture using the stock options offered by our company pininterest. Display related posting with 2/3/4/5/5/6 columns with a single posting page depending on type or day. Displays the previous/next mail options in the line mail layouts. Customize layouts for specific catagories and labels. Activate or deactivate handle post-title links for the frontend. one-click singles mail layouts overwrite function as you can customize it with your decorating needs.

Easily include text in a separate posting page for a better user interface. You can use our nice sliders with your contributions to move them by cathegory, day or creator with Mail Save. Distinguish your individual mail layouts for different catagories and labels. Localization/internationalization is provided with this plug-in. WordPress follows the standard WordPress l18n.

Added: New filtering options - Mail Status, to select contributions from Publish, Publishing, Privat, etc.. Added: Added options to display'Publication date' or'Last modified date' * Updated: Added plug-in text domains to'blog-designer-pro' to include Loco Translate functionality * Added: New Admin Dashboard Widget - "Most Viewed Posts" * Updated:

Selected - Selected is a jQuery plug-in that makes long, bulky selection fields much more user-friendly. SocialShare. js - jQuery plug-in for the creation of user-defined button and similar counter. FlextSlider - A fantastic, fully reactive jQuery sliders plug-in.

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