Blog detail page Design

Detailed Blog Page Design

Last piece that makes Wistia's listing page in my book great are the contextual feature images. No overly complicated designs, just to create a "sweet" blog design. Every design theme has a page with more details. Blogs design trends conversion rates vs. page load times.

David Airey Blog offers lesser known and wonderfully unique design examples that are critically analyzed in detail.


What's great about the Web is that you're never alone. Apart from expressing interests, blog posts show their personalities in their layout and design. Today we want to present some of these marvelous blog posts that have stunning and nice design. Recently, his blog received a marvelous design update that tidied up his look and used a fast-reacting raster.

The American Institute of Grafic Arts is known to many professionals and artist. Your blog is a typically grids - and block-based blog with some marvelous, contemporary style elements. It' s surprising that a thing that someone thinks is not really that important can make a whole subculture.

The Cycle Love is a visually stunning blog that deals with this cultural issue through meetings, ratings and more. It is an on-line publication very much liked by businessmen and start-ups. It is a pretty contented website that does a marvelous job of using design to ensure that everything is still comprehensible and not overloaded.

It is a blog/hub for all things Frýze - they are a magazin that mainly focuses on modern music. It publishes journals, creates event and much more. Honestly, you usually have a kind of community-based blog from "do-gooders", it's really kitschy and confusing.

Well, Good did a great job using the blog fundamentals with some great design and kind direktion features. Editor is a blog that sees itself as a fellowship, resources and stylish laptop. Hearing-impaired pigeons seem to concentrate a little more on the parts of a bicycle - I think they really want to encourage the concept of setting up your own bicycle.

Remaining a tidy notion, deaf pigeons has an approach to the default blog feeling. Yet the style management and graphic features give this blog a real personality. It is another website that many of us are acquainted with, and if not, you should get to know it. Although I can't tell you exactly what this blog is about, I can say that this blog design is innovating.

Not because of the real kind director, but because this blog is scrolling horizonally. Every horizonal website can be a problem, but a blog is a different degree of challenge. Verge does a great work, making sure that it is not too stunning and yet pleasant.

The SC Arts Hub is devoted to making everything that has to do with the arts community viewable and within easy grasp. Designed to take advantage of a bit of magazine and blog standard, this grid-based blog creates a very special feeling-hub. The Showtime Sport is a blog devoted to sport and shows offered on this canal.

It' s the obscure subject and the giant slide control that are the cornerstones of this new, contemporary blog design notion. Smashing Magazine is another blog that many of us may know. Spilled milks like to see themselves as suppliers of all nice things. Whilst all sites are kind of going for the daring look, Splilt milk toned it down and created a truly custom look for their blog.

They have also done a marvelous job to keep the topics uniform between all the websites they seem to administer. Creating a blog or magazines page that is different from the many found on-line can be tough work. No overly complicated design, just to make a "sweet" blog design.

Which are some of your favourite blog themes? Did you create a new blog design lately?

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