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Krzysztof Warlikowski and a group of his own Kollabolierer create Nowy Teatr. "Urchins" - Limited art print by Kayla King. The aesthetic website of an online/offline concept web site designer. Skybox aims to make meaning with designing for all types of companies, non-profit. Below are a few samples of well-designed web pages in magazinestyle.

At the same time, they are characterised by a large number of well-divided contents.

Deliver these blog layout inspirations to your reader.

A blog is an indispensable instrument in today's highly competitive marketplace to differentiate you or your company. Good blog layout is important not only to draw traffic, but also to help them find, communicate and interactively communicate with the right people. Trying out some inspiration can be a great help if you want to create your own blog or update your old one.

The Fubiz creative blog is an example of daring and slim designs and masters the fine arts of personalised contents. In order to reach a wide public, the blog has a creative finder section that allows users to search the contents offered to them on the basis of their own personalities and locations. Its layout is extremly small without being boring.

Item feeds show the latest items according to the user's preferences, and each item has an author's Avatar as well as the number of preferences and answers, all of which are great functions for creating a great socialization. Launched by creative professionals, Laurence' blogging site Laurence uses a very easy layout to emphasize its contributions.

Top menus - which appear when you scroll down - are ideal for presenting the various parts of the blog and themes. All about the english blog Freunde von Freunden says "clean", "slim" and "inviting". "It' s free of disorder, which makes the contents more wholesome. Delicate use of bright greens for category and highlighting gives the layout a refreshing note without distracting the eye from the tranquil and appealing images.

Your blog layout is not your usual one, Tokyo Soup uses a lot of room and smart micro-interactions. You can only see the track if you move your mouse over it and the searching function is integrated in the whole website, you just have to enter it somewhere in the blog to enable it.

This blog restricts the use of copies and hugs the bad side at its best. This layout succeeds in showing seven items above the folds without being overloaded and attracts attention through the skilful use of colour on the top-notes. As Kekselias shows, even blogging on topics outside of life style and arts can profit from daring layout.

This blog uses color accents and eye-catching type to focus people' minds on the contents. Listed on the side bar on the far right are the current category and the number of posts per subject, giving an overall view of the blog's contents. The Adidas Stella Sport Tumblr Blog appeals to a younger public and relies on garish colours, vibrant illustration and light photographs to set itself apart from the masses.

The blog offers a particularly interesting mixture of illustration, photograph and fluorescent colours. Something that may seem presumptuous gives the blog its own individuality. It is a perfect example of how a blog can communicate a specific corporate identity in terms of both aesthetic appeal and substance. UCD School of Architecture's blog shows only what is essential to awaken readers' interest.

Techies is not a blog in itself, but a venture focused on telling the tales of technical staff in Silicon Valley. What you appreciate about this layout is the photographic consistence, the layout of the editorials and the great use of icons to emphasize information before each interviewer.

Eventually on the homepage, directly under the heading, the function "filter by" is folded skilfully in the cover to uncover all possible themes for filtering the contents. Whatever kind of contents you want to create or why, in order for your blog to become a reader today, it needs to be well-prepared.

I' ve provided a number of layout style and type of contents to help you get a start in developing the best on-line experience for your vote or that of your business.

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