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I' ve created this page to give beginners a quick, foolproof guide to starting a blog without having to learn HTML or make the expensive mistakes most people make. Best-of-Best Free Blogging Pages For 2018 In the age of modern society, the importance of on-line publishing and digitally driven advertising has grown rapidly. More than 200 million blogged sites have been created by the global on-line blast, and the best sites for blasting - WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr - are among the 50 most-frequented. Indeed, one of the most efficient ways for large and small companies to create new lead that converts into revenues and profits is to blog.

Although there are innumerable entrepreneurial and business breakthroughs that turn their blogs into multimillion-dollar companies, there are other motives for launching a blog in 2018. Best of all, anyone can launch a blog for free. While there are tens of free blogs, not all sites are the same and some provide better possibilities for growing, gaining popularity and monetizing.

Whilst even self-hosted blogs need a one-of-a-kind domains and hosters, they provide enormous benefits over even the best free blog sites. Take a look at our step-by-step reference to the best sites for your blog to find the right website for you! Register now to get free $2.95/mo a month for your webspace!

The following is a list of the best free blogs, their advantages and disadvantages, and why they are the best free blog sites. In order to be complete, we have checked WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. If after checking our table of comparisons you think WordPress is the best blog for your needs, take a look at our demo to create your own blog.

What is the heat of WordPress? Now, 1 of 6 sites in the globe run on it and make it the most beloved blogsite. WordPress is not only a great free publication tools and searching machine easy CMS, but also works for everyone from casual blogs to large corporations, mainly because it provides a wide range of free and chargeable customized designs and plug-ins.

WordPress is very adaptable, scaleable, user-friendly and optimised for searching engines. I think WordPress is the best available blogsoftware, and I create my pages only on this plattform. Users have the ability to create a blog at (not recommended) or create a self-hosted WordPress blog on their own servers and domains using (highly recommended).

Whether you're interested in ever making a living, providing professional service, or turning your blog into a company, you need to make sure you get paid for webhosting. You can earn cash with a self-hosted WordPress blog by posting your own banners, adding your own Affiliate link, reselling your product, writing an on-line course, or otherwise monetizing your blog.

So if you want to be taken seriously as a blogsmaker and have the opportunity to deserve part-time or full-time revenue logging, setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog is the way to go, and that will require a small amount of money for your web site host. Luckily, I myself have arranged a 40% rebate with BlueHost so that your cost of accommodation can be as low as $2.95 per months and you also get a free top level site.

Take a look at my Tutorial to find out how to launch a WordPress blog and become a legit blogsmith. They can run anything on WordPress, from a mummy or a grocery blog to an e-commerce shop that sells items, presents or jewellery. WordPress is free and you only need to buy the servers and domains.

WorldPress has a staff that updates its softwares and safety continuously. Open sourced, WordPress encourages designers to create tens of thousands upon thousands off-the-shelf designs and plug-ins. For this reason WordPress is almost fully adaptable. Disadvantage: Hosted. In order to get the most out of WordPress and its functions, you need to have it hosted on your own servers.

Adding to this are additional domains and host fees, but if you want to make a living blogging or freelancing on-line, a self-hosted WordPress page is a great long-term return on your investments. Some times the adjustment requires a little programming, although you can have a nice WordPress page right after unpacking it. When you want to launch a blog with a neat, professionally designed look, WordPress provides the best mix of utilities.

Although there is a learn bend, not all blogs are as easy to use and efficient as WordPress. Think only of the fact that in order to really make a living on-line as a blogs reader, you need to buy your own blog host and build your own WordPress blog. As one of the first blogsites, Blogger was formerly known as BlogSpot.

Google's proprietary blogging feature is most loved by occasional online loggers who enjoy writing or sharing stories firsthand. Bloogger is known for its immediate set-up and easy-to-use system. But the number of journals I come across that are still on Blogger seems to be declining as many switch to WordPress to enable extra features. has been in use long enough that it is very robust, especially with Google's help. Earning with Google AdSense is effortless thanks to ease of use. It is a very understandable plattform, even for novices without previous experiences. You see what you get, and you can't adjust Blogger even if you modify the backend adress.

It is also difficult to create your blog with your own name. Topics and styles on Blogger are finite, and there are no plug-ins for extra functions or feature sets. There' little Community on Blogger as opposed to the bigger development team on WordPress. So if you are looking for a place to exchange your thoughts but don't want to compromise the flexible web site of your own blog, I suggest

It is one of the best free casual blogging sites and you have a blog set-up within 15 mins. Make sure only that the change of your opinion later and the conversion of your blog into a self-hosted WordPress page will lead to difficulties. Tumor is known for informally microblogging; a type of blogs that is longer than a tweet, but not as long or professionally as a full story or posting.

Tumor Blr user shares contents that are mostly visual: images, movies, links and/or info graphics. It' s perfect for first-time publishers who want to get started right away, but don't want to focus on a full-time publishing job. Simple to launch and pose. All you need to do to make something public is select your contribution types (image, videotape, text or link), enter your contents, and click "Publish".

Management of multiple blogs. Tumor has a vast selection of nice topics to offer. Can be used via specially designed phone applications, the Tumorblr Logging Plattform supports the wish of a Bloggers to send text, e-mail or voice messages on the go. Tumblrs designs are so visually appealing that text-heavy blogs are averse. And if you are interested in creating a busy website that focuses on writing text, you should not miss the chance to do so.

Otherwise, Tumblr may be a good option for a humorous blog that uses memories, pictures and/or video. Tumor is lacking in good chaching and anti-virus plug-ins. The Tumblr is the best free blog site for occasional blogs that specialise in creating visually rich material (humour, photographs, eating, art, etc.) and have no interest in looking professionally.

If you compare WordPress with Blogger and Tumblr, WordPress finally provides the best value. Because there are many good reason why a large proportion of blogs decide to launch a blog with WP, it provides the best mix of functionality, style, flexibility, performance and ease of use. The Blogger and Tumblr are simple to use, but do not have the functionality and adaptability of WordPress.

When you want to know how to make monies blogging, you need to launch a self hosting blog. Take a look at our step-by-step instructions on how to set up a WordPress blog. Under " Launch a Blog " Under " Basic Principles " Under " Launch a Blog ".

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