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That means you have full control over your own website and content. The best 8 websites to build a free blog. The blogging has done more to disseminate people's wisdom and inspiration than the presses have ever done. There is little reason to argue that blogging is seen as the greatest innovative activity in the publishers' sector. For anyone with an online link, these web-based blogging sites offer an almost free of charge way to present their insights and opinion to audiences around the globe when they' re perfect.

Ultimately, it's no wonder that there are businesses and millions of bloggers in the blogs industry. So now that blogs have become popular, there are many blogs that allow you to blog for free. Let's take a look at the best 8 sites that allow you to build a free blog, express your own views and pool your wealth of information.

WorldPress is one of the most beloved open code blogs at the moment. As soon as you are planning to become a WordPress username, you can either set up a WordPress blog on your own servers (hosted by yourself) or create a WordPress-based blog on WordPress has a huge array of developer and end-customer content, including topics, plug-ins and all kinds and size of widgets.

To make it clear to you, WordPress provides two variations, . com and self-hosted WordPress (.org). Everyone can get a free blog with an email link like and begin to blog. Read this to learn more about this and the other versions of the game. With WordPress you can administer everything from an individual blog to a larger multi-user blog administered by an Admin.

Blogger was the most beloved, widely used and free blogservice in Google's possession. The blogger was in his heyday before the rise of WordPress. The Blogger blog can support up to 100 people, so you can easily extend your blog even if you just happened to be growing beyond a publishers blog.

Having recently been resold to Yahoo for $1 billion, this is definitely one of the most beloved blogs out there. Whilst the above mentioned service allows you to create a full-fledged blog, Tumorblr is rather a merger between a full-fledged blog and a Twittereed. Known as microblogging, the way you blog on a tumbler blog focuses on brief and common postings that are usually longer than Twitter fixes, but not as detailed and formally as a normal blog posting that you would find anywhere.

Anyone unwilling to spend a lot of effort administering a time-consuming blog will be attracted. But if you're still not sure exactly what Tumblr is or how it is different from the others, it would be better if you took a look at Tumblr's About Us, which provides an interesting image of microblogging.

One of the most useful and beloved free blogs, hub pages is used by consumers around the world. Hubpages makes it very convenient to post your blog for free. Founded in 2006, Weebly provides comprehensive and well-managed web site management for those who want to build a free blog or even a basic web site for free.

In order to build a free blog site in Weebly, you can easily set up an affiliate site, sign up, and choose from a variety of free feature sets and enhancements. Celebrated as the simplest and best free online blog or website creation site, Weebly is the best and simplest free blog or website on the web. is essentially a fully equipped on-line digital printing site, all free of charge. Educational institutions are the most widely used and loved forum for creating educational websites. Using Educational Blog you can quickly build and maintain pupil and instructor blog, quickly customise themes and add video, photo and podcast - safely, simply and securely.

Aside from all the above platforms that allow you to create your own free blog, I'm also looking forward to Ghost, which will be a reduced edition of WordPress and will make blogs simpler. Did I miss another beloved free blogsite? Don't worry about sharing these useful websites with your Facebook and Google plus mates.

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