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Design Inspiration Blog: Seven Examples of User-Oriented Design All of us know how important contents are for every single advertising strategy. For example, the blog has become the mainstay of any website; it leads the user with focused, pertinent and compelling contents and delights them so much that they are converting and subscribing to achieve more. What if your blog design misses the target?

This is one of the major motivations why we have developed our Blog Optimization Package to quickly give you the opportunity to redesign your blog and improve its usability. There are a number of different things to consider when designing blogs, among them type size, hierarchies, call to action, and text width.

Considering so many things to consider, it can be nerve-wracking to develop a new blog design (but of course we can help you). That' s why I wanted to put together some great samples of user-oriented blog design ideas to help you get the most out of your blog contents and get your reader excited about more!

But it should be a single signage display. If I design your blog for people, the greatest suggestion I can give is to make it legible. Utilize neat scripts, headlines, and concentrate on the contents. In his blog Wistia does a good work.

We will be presented with a brief summary of new and presented plays as well as a brief, detailed thematic listing. It rationalizes usability and gives them the information that matters most to them in a simple way, saving them the hassle of navigation. Can' t tell you how many blog entries I've made just to be welcomed with tonnes of blog posts.

It also gives you all the information you need to rate the entry before you click - the categories, a clear heading and a great abstract that will make you want to learn more. Last thing that makes Wistia's listings page in my great books are the context-sensitive features-pictures. Also Wistia has a really neat and readable item design that focuses on the contents and only on the contents.

Using text hierarchy to divide paragraphs makes browsing easy and the absence of a side bar really does help visitors focus on what's inside and not be sidetracked. Drift's blog design is another that definitely achieves the goal of legibility. The list page is a minimum, single-column page with large, nice images to really arouse the user's interest and make them read.

Did you ever come across an item you really wanted to reread but didn't think you had enough spare moment and never did? A good way to increase your audience is to give a guide on how much work your reader needs to do. In this way, instead of having to spend a whole fourth of an hour and jump to something else without ending it, people know when to add a marker to an item.

Drift design is also impressing. Again, it's a good way to motivate the readers to end the entire blog posting and eventually get to the convert point you placed at the end - or should have placed. There is no quicker way to stop someone from viewing your contents than to make them look like a tremendous one.

That' s why I had to have Drift as an example of a great user-oriented blog design idea. You can find another great blog list design at Sigstr. E-mail signing companies use a lay-out in the manner of a "card" that can be done very well (in this case) or very badly. You will usually see three-column map-style pages that can make the contents difficult to read.

However, the Sigstr staff decided on a two-column design that limited the number of available choices and avoided having to send too many mails at once. Using tagged pictures will help emphasize each map and cause the users to browse through the entire contents to see what else they can do.

I would only suggest you to extend the postal extract to give the users a better view on the topic of the paper. If you look at the internal design of the item, it is very well put together and geared towards legibility for the reader. Choosing the type face type face type face makes it very simple for the eye and will help you move the page down.

A major reason why I wanted to add Sigstr to my blog design inspirational mailing lists is the large use of the correct line height on their fonts. It is too big and the contents feel marked and tedious to reread; it is too small and it is a muddled up muddle that turns into a sound textpad.

Through the implementation of a visual attractive line level, you contribute to giving the contents the breath space they need to absorb and maintain. The InVision blog does many things really well. This eliminates the need for complete postal statements within the company, which works very well with the presented Post-Slider.

Usually I'm against slide controls or merry-go-rounds, but instead it works well with the blog tracks and big pictures in the back. Beneath the post-slider presented here, a 3-column format with brief and cute extracts, which are almost one-line descriptive text, is also used by iVision. Strategically using whitespace allows anyone to "breathe" and allows users to concentrate on locating the contents they need instead of being overwhelmed by too many choices at once - which is what a 3-pillar look is all about.

As with our other blog design idea pages, the real item design is easy and single-column. It is my favourite activity of using my favourite tools, i. e. putting the Visual Call to Trade (CTA) and the Visual Call to Trade button in a scroll box that stays at the bottom of the page when the mouse pointer is scrolled.

Quickly expand your subscription base with our brand new blog optimisation service. You can find more suggestions for the blog design on DigitalMarketer. They decided on a similar design to InVision, but without the slider/carousel. Since the top end of the page is not your blog listings page, it definitely attracts the user's interest and makes them read.

The DigitalMarketer also emphasizes its contribution presented in the first section, which, like others on this page, is based on a narrative heading to capture the reader and make him want to learn more. One of my favourite parts of this layouts is how the four latest contributions are shown below the Helden, with numbers sorting them.

Beneath this feature section you will find a more traditionally styled blog with the postfeed on the right and a side bar on the right. Postfeed uses abstracts to give the users more perspective into what the articles will be about and contains a famous and visible leg more buttom.

They decided on a easy blog lookup, the most favorite articles and a unique, invaluable offering CTA that follows you on the page. I' ll call it a "full width" map design; it's locked, but every blog entry doesn't struggle for visibility in the eyes of the users.

Larger pictures of the blog convey great interest visually and lead the readers to the titles. It lets you browse or cross through multiple items to see what you can still do. Also, the typeface and type order of the layouts are very neat and, like the other samples, help keep the readers busy by making it easier to browse the contents and actually digest them.

It removes the deflector from the expression, but still allows the viewer to divide it if they wish. Last, but not least, Help Scout's blog uses a different "card style", this one with 3 fat column. Starting with a large, beautifully designed posting section that immediately gets the reader into illustrating before showing most of the contents in the column.

In addition to the real contents, Help Scout also integrates clever "ads". It' an intelligent way to view your favorite offerings without being too aggresive or too spamming. Inside item design uses large line height and cushioning to ensure the contents breathe and don't touch too hard to find.

It is a simple way to resume your trip to other sites and raise your on page hours. Remember the name of the operator first. Utilize this blog design idea to lead them through your contents and remove any diversions that might take them away from the target. Most important part of any design is to test with your unique audience to make sure it is the desired expertise and expertise your business needs.

Speak to us about our blog optimisation package that can (and has!) 3x deliver the converting and trafficking for our customers.

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