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Good inspiration leads you to your own unique ideas when used correctly. Clearly, as a website becomes more and more complex, the difficulty of making it react increases dramatically. Every horizontal website can be a problem, but a blog is a different level of difficulty.

Twenty-five highly readable editorial website designs

Could you possibly read an unedged piece? However, good drafting design goes beyond an appropriate white space to make the show celebrity out of it. Therefore, the best legible pages are very accurate during the presentations. We' ve all seen how editors like to press a big amount on each page, but design that pays close attention to detail stands out from the other.

I am now showing you 25 pages of editing which, in my opinion, are winning. While we continue, I will be commenting on exactly what really works for them, regardless of the presented contents. They even get to know the approximate harvest times in just a few mins. Item pictures form the slide control background for the homepage, and the pictures are displayed behind single items.

Cutting-edge image positioning, generous borders, a slim user interface and a straightforward colour theme make them exceptionally legible. Plenty of white space, but full of contents. Low-profile user interface, iconic typefaces, and a classical colour theme make it easy to read (and surf). Contrasting reds on greyscales are suitable for this page with a Flat UV and enough space at the borders of the items and the backgrounds to let the eye inhale.

Pitchfork Plus has some hit man paraallax features that offer captivating read results. Spacious borders and effective listings in the side bar make your read a real treat. Not too unusual in terms of fonts and layouts, but this simple website is legible and uses the available place to encourage blogging, extra posts and exchanges.

Using the arrows on your familiar slide control, you can browse Newsweek's news items in a new way. Your literacy experiences are unbelievably uninterrupted; as you browse down your story, only "opinions" and "sharing" interfere. To avoid compromising your viewing pleasure, the easy page design provides a smoother backdrop than the corresponding colour on the homepage.

Wonderfully minimalistic web design with clear organisation. Although centred text is uncommon in on-line magazines, Tusk lets it work with its design and concise contents peppered with pictures. Featuring eye-catching typefaces, light grey scale highlights (especially the distinctive text highlighter) and grey scale promotion in the side bar, this page attracts your interest and has an attractive design (that won't let you go).

The Inc. ensures an intensive merry-go-round for a website with tonnes of contents on each page. Cleaner design makes the text of the item truly unmistakable. Through the use of 1.5 space, the items on this site allow much space for the readers. Smashing is similar to the New Republic with its complimentary orange-blue colour schemes, discreet shallow UI badges and lush edges.

As with Newsweek, USA Today uses our wish to click on the slide bar arrow to go to new pages and add items. Whilst advertisements in the item are conspicuous, the pop-up overlays for the items are a neat note to return to the box-shaped homepage with ease. An easy lay-out with a smooth passive wallpaper ensures relaxed reading.

Items are particularly legible and straight because the pictures are cleanly oriented to the right. Whilst the homepage has a one-of-a-kind design, the item designs are in a fairly foreseeable outline. The thin stripes are a pleasant touches to subdivide the section (which is rounded off gracefully when you scrolled down).

Some of the legibility of this site comes from its reactive design, but its focus on type size is a big advantage for the headers and section headers. This is another fast-reacting page that also offers subtile gray margins in the homepage design, 1. 5-space in the text and lots of room all around.

In order to present the drooling pictures of foods on this page, the text is kept in a nice text format with convenient line separation. In addition, the contents are rather straightforward - especially if you list items in a certain categories. Again we see the classical combination of blacks, whites and reds, and the design has its own unique atmosphere.

It' s a lot of pleasure to read the article - especially when an offer is extracted and presented. This website is slim and effective and allows you to scroll the side bar on the top right of the page independent of the primary contents, which helps me read and surf. The salon's website is firm thanks to the distinctive backdrop of dark colours and deep reds and offers a good design for the contents.

In spite of many pictures in the right side panel, the clear layout and the simple, adhesive design strip ensure a clean overall design. To me, the most disappointing part of any website is advertisements (which I mention only a few time in my listing, but distract in more in the listing and on the web).

How would you like to change your content? Are you mad about studying grey text on a blank screen?

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