Blog page Design Template

Blogsite Design Template

Nobody wants his content to die just because of a bad blog layout. Homepage and content pages are well optimized for Adsense. Setting up template settings for your blog You can use the blog template choices to select the template layout for blog posts and listings pages. When you need to customise your blog template, you can use your Design Managers to customise or edit your template. Once you're done applying your template or themes to your blog, you'll need to add them to your accounts preferences.

Browse to Website > Blog from the side bar. When you have more than one blog, use the drop-down box labeled Select a blog to select your blog. Use the Templates page to refresh your blog template and offer page settings: You can use the Recent Template drop-down list to browse to the blog template of your choosing.

Deselect the Use the same template for blog listings pages check box to choose a different template for your blog listings pages. Specify the number of items you want to view on each page of your quote view. Standard is 10 contributions per offer page. Check the Show Reviews on Offer Page box to view a postal Summary on your offer page.

Check the Use feature enhanced images in list abstracts box to show the feature enhanced images only on your bid page. To type user-defined HTML, in your blog template preferences, scrolling down to the HTML for Blog Linking Pages Header text box. When the Use same footing for blog entries check box is checked, the HTML that you added to the HTML footing for blog listings pages box also applies to your each blog entry.

When you want to include various customized HTML elements in your blog entries, clear the Use the same HTML for Blog Entries subfooter check box, and then include your HTML in the HTML for Blog Entries subfooter. To append style sheets to your blog, click + Append Style Sheet. Your style sheet will be loaded in addtion to your other globals.

Append style sheets directly to your template.

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