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Examples of Blog Pages

Cause it' s the most visited page on your entire site. Writing a page about me: Let yourself be enchanted by these 10 sample pages. One of the most important and powerfull parts of your website is a recommendation page. Receiving these testimonies is the first fight. What is the best way to organise your endorsements so that prospective clients find those who arrive?

When you need a little extra encouragement, take a look at 10 of our favourite examples:

Fortunately her recommendation page has something for everyone. Beginning with brief Twitter client ratings, it then provides a set of case study notes and ends with a testestimonial. Offering enterprise and bookkeeping solutions, we understand that our clients use their productivity tool differently from sector to sector (e.g., consumers have different needs and uses than farmers).

When you click on one of them, such as retailers, you will be taken to a custom destination page that will highlight an industry-specific case file. Zendesk, the client services vendor, has designed a clear, visually-structured design to present its client references. Using a map-inspired style, you can browse down the page to get a small extract of each history, and click to view the full one.

When you search for a particular endorsement, you can simply browse by sector, geography or product, and the endorsement page will update itself for you. ChowNow, an on-line ordering system and grocery application, offers only test videos. There are a lot of different kinds of restaurant that are presented on the recommendation page, from vegetarian to barbecue to seafood.

In order to keep the page easy and clear, switch between viewing visually thumbnail images for each movie and viewing the playback symbol. If you click on a movie, it will appear directly on the same page, so you don't have to scroll away. Dibble, the on-line creative team, does not make useless additions to its recommendation page.

Users' offers are shown in a single two-column format, with a link to each person's dribble accounts. Selected endorsements are emphasized with different colours, a heroic picture or a film. There is a powerful picture for each and every spouse, imbued with quotations. If you move the mouse over any picture, it will tell you a little about the business and you can click on it to see the full testament.

You can switch to the "Text View", which will remove all images and display only text, if the optical design does not work for you. HubSpot, which provides selling and distribution softwares, could make the pie for the simplest referral site. Featuring a one-column lay-out, each endorsement provides a straightforward text, a hyperlink to the person's business, and sometimes a header shot.

They call skilfully in bright red when a client has changed from a rival to HubSpot, underlining that the changes have paid off. There are three parts to the endorsement page: The Heldenbanner shows the most famous endorsement with a still videoclip. The next section will feature narratives featuring individual clients.

Casper, a manufacturer of mattresses, presents its endorsements in a map that scrolls from side to side. Every endorsement has a stellar score (ideal for skin skimming) and generically designed, pictured personalities to give it some character. Beneath the ratings, Casper shows client webs in the same scroll layouts. Hootsuite, which provides a socially oriented content management service, creates its endorsements on the basis of objectives.

In one sheet, for example, they show a series of testimonials from businesses that have used online marketing to develop their brands. Have we missed your favourite example?

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