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Stay up to date on news, research and events from the Design Portfolio. There are 9 freelance portfolio companies that are geared to differentiating themselves. When your portfolio website looks very similar to everyone else's, there's a good chance that your talents will be squeezed into the masses. In this spirit, we have put together 9 pending portfolio sites to help us encourage you to think differently when it comes your next portfolio redraft. The portfolio of a novelist can be a statistical one.

In contrast to graphical design, where a visual's talent can immediately be communicated, a read needs more work. Can you create a writer's portfolio with more than one still text on one monitor? If you push it all the way to the far-left, you get an apathic feeling: "So yes, I am a free-lance lyricist. Coleman's portfolio is characterized by his creativity and by the fact that he does not take himself too seriously.

Patterson sees himself as a free-lance graphic artist. Its portfolio, with its frisky colouring and strict raster, provides a sound display of its talent. It also uses animation that mimics the design cognition. Let's see how text is populated during viewing and the squares appear around the different items as we could see them in a design application.

It is a beautiful pitching in the design proces and strengthens in our heads the abilities that Jonathan Patterson bring along. The portfolio lets the design talk for itself. Had there been no animation in this portfolio, the mere fact of type and lay-out would be enough to turn it into a portfolio of stellas. In these small interacting graphical items, he added that you can move.

It is a great tutorial and these visals say so much about his abilities. There' s no visible connection between the different parts that make up the design - which doesn't mean it's necessarily a terrible thing. It is like a congestion of bustling items coming together to form a user-friendly roadblock.

All we have is so much elapsed effort to get someone's eye, and anything that dissuades us from the directness of a page can cause us to loose a visitor. Eder's work I really like, and he seems like someone who tackles every single job with ambitions. Its portfolio would profit from reducing the dynamical items a little and to simplify the amount of information visible on each page.

All of us are passionate about making our own way through the web design world. And for the record, she has now found a home in our QA staff! Her passion for her trade is reflected in both the design and the copy of her portfolio. Anna shows that she is an experienced stylist who can make a great website for you with simple navigational and a tasty look at the layouts.

It is the same aesthetics that fill the minuscule area of their portfolio. It' simple for a gifted performer to diminish his work through dull web design. However, in this portfolio, Martin's own work is an integrated part of the design and expertise. Contrasting the linear line of these typefaces with the loosening of the backdrop arts, they provide a great sense of visibility.

Overall, the design offers a good blend of functionality and authenticity, bringing unorthodox graphics into line with users' aspirations. The Sebastian Graz is a designer/developer-hybrid who follows a minimalistic view with his portfolio. Samples of his work are at the forefront of his design, so it is not necessary to look for them.

There is a pile of colored blocks on the page, each of which represents a single one. A picture corresponding to the selected projector is also displayed. A text will appear that describes his part in each of the projects, e.g.: "I was leading the design on a Volvoitch. To communicate this in such an eye-catching and uncomplicated way is what clever design is all about.

These same authenticities are captured in the down-to-earth descriptions of her lives and work in the About this Portfolio section. It is one of the most difficult things in portfolio development to figure out how to organise your work. Douy is a talented UX/UI graphics artist from France, whose talent also includes type design and illustrations.

It is a wonderful portfolio where the pallet is the focus. It is a minimum design that does not touch minimum. "Anyone trying this portfolio for the first want to think that Victoire designed the artwork for the record. If you click through, you will notice that the song was a website for musicians.

It' a little deceptive, but the colours on the record go so well with the rest of the design that it's easily forgiven. It' a little diversion, but this portfolio still stands out for its strong look and feel and smooth use. From " contentious side effects to emotionally charged world-class items " - among them the beloved Tribe - Laurent Desserrey has created everything and adds his own flavor for the contentious directly to his portfolio.

Perhaps if you are light-sensitive or susceptible to TV-related attacks, you should stay away from Laurent's portfolio. Statics, lighting and movement emanate from your monitor and create an almost mesmerizing, completely contemporary sensation. Which are your preferred portfolio sites? With so many nice portfolio to look at, it was difficult to limit ourselves to these 9.

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