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You can easily set up all theme options with the live theme customization program. Bricklayer theme for personal blogs, with dark skin and simple look. This topic allows you to concentrate on writing beautiful content. Build-button plugin, but is flexible enough for any normal blog or static pages. The Square Blog Responsive WordPress Theme is a great theme for creative bloggers, with clear design and minimal layout.

Development of the simple WordPress theme

It is fully reactive and extremely adaptable. Among the outstanding functions of this theme is the possibility to create your own logos, backgrounds, headers, search engines, and much more. WordPress simple theme is a great free theme for your website. Uh, yeah. Well, yeah. Uh, yeah. Bota makes your life easy. Easily configurable, this WordPress theme allows you to focus on your great work.

Clear, reactive designs that allow you to put your own final polish. Customize with your own colour, your own logotype, your own pictures and words and you're out! The free WordPress theme has been download by tens of millions of WordPress user from beginners to experts. A complete set of topics is available to help you get up and running.

We have always tested our topics so that you know that they are always compliant with the latest WordPress versions. Each of our topics is fully localised, so you can easily localise them into any desired languages. Design your homepage, load up a wallpaper, modify your theme colours or select a fonts.

If you ever need help with your topic, we have dedicated forum discussion group.

Daisy - Simple and minimal WordPress Blog

The Daisy is a nice, neat and simple WordPress theme, ideal for a personal blog. Designed with more functionality and intelligent customisation. Two linkboxes in the manner of two linkboxes: Links are designed to be customizable so that you can easily create links to the website contents, include article, pages, category, or outside contents like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Simple fonts customizer: Allows you to simply modify fonts, size and upholstery. Left boxes: Links are designed to be versatile so that you can hyperlink to website contents such as article, page, category or outside contents such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Simple fonts customizer: Allows you to simply modify fonts, size and upholstery.

Deisy Theme is WooCommerce compliant. So you can set up a store for your blog quite simply.

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