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Brilliant headers, a clean sidebar, and a minimalist footer can help make a blog look good. However, one area that is often overlooked in blog design is post-styling. HGTV host Emily Henderson is best-selling author and stylist with a strong commitment to vintage inspired, accessible home style for everyone.

Thirty Great Examples Of Blog Post Styling

An eye-catching headers, a neat side bar, and a minimalistic bottom line can help make a blog look good. However, one area that is often ignored in blog designs is post-styling. There are 15 blog posts here that need styling and 30 great samples to inspire you.

Headlines should be the first thing they see. Heading and postal picture must interact with the aim of tempting the user to look at the first line of the item. Unless it's the heading, the picture is the first part of the message that folks see.

It' gotta get their eye first, then their mind. Broadscrumbs help with navigating and solving problems with your site, but most of the times they are annoying and useless for those who visit your site. They want the bread crumbs to drop into the backdrop of the designs so that your reader will look over them of course, but they are easily found when someone is looking for them.

Just like the spreadcrumbs, you want the metadata (i.e. date of publication, postal address, type, category, etc.) to be incorporated into the theme so it doesn't attract noticed. It is the purpose of the falling head to make your reader immediately aware of the beginning of the article. This introductory text should be slightly bigger and more readable than the remainder of the contents, making it easy for your reader to use.

Typography's primary purpose is to make the contents legible. Arial is not for every blog perfectly. Good subtitling has the same effect as a picture within a contribution. You can use any picture as a sphere with a little bit of CSS-Magic. However, some pages have begun to use this formating to focus your interest on a certain part of the article, to try to get you to stop scans and start reading the whole thing.

To persuade folks to divide your contents, you need to make the societal areas so that they are visible and you need to remember the readers to divide them. Each blog posting must have a call to act. This should be the most prominently displayed area at the end of every blog posting.

One of the best ways to persuade your audience to stick to your site is to list the relevant items at the end of your blog postings. In order to attract interest and arouse interest, this section should contain the heading and the postal picture for each related contribution. This section on the postal writer is a good way to present who has written the contribution, while making it easier for the readers to get in touch with that one.

The beautifully landscaped comment area is a great way to encourage your reader to make a comment. Commentaries should be interleaved so that discussions are easily followed. As the postal area is the place where most of your visitors' visit is made, I believe it is the most important area of your designs to concentrate on.

Hopefully I've opened your eye to the importance of blog poststyling and all the imaginative ways you can design these 15 items to get your reader to enjoy spending more in your blog.

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