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Templates for Bloggers

Blogspot/Blogger templates are designed to be installed on any Blogger/Blogspot blog. Complimentary Blogger Templates and Premium Blogspot Templates for direct download in XML. Everybody deserves a nice design for their blog! For this reason, we have published a handpicked list of the best free Blogger templates. Change the layout, color, and much more of your blog.

Downloading a Blogger Blog submission

Prior to Downloading a Blogger Template: Feel free to browse and print our Ardi theme blogger templates without a bottom line credits hyperlink. You share Non-Foot Foot credits Blogger topics. When you want to delete the foil credits, they will help you and they will delete them for you! Join the Ardi themmes blog now! I' m assuming that this design is an adapted copy of another design.

Please get in touch with the owners or check this page for possible topics of interest.

70 fresh and modern blogger templates

They can never have too large a selection of templates for your blog, especially if you're the experimental one. That' s why we launched another round of blogger topics, this one with a focus on contemporary and contemporary design, and developed about 70 of them. Keep in mind that many of the templates' websites are not in English and you may want to do a Google Translate on them.

Also, some of them may need a free subscription to be able to download them. Don't miss our original ones, 50 more beautiful Blogger templates and BLOGGER. 30-plus templates & tools for bloggers. Advance Tech - A beautiful blogger style sheet with heading tabbed pages, colored postal heading and postal diary symbols. Alltruism - A neat minimalist pattern with a blank backdrop and light gray side trim.

Espire - A country-style look and calendars in the side bar make this blog submission ideal for historical blogs and legacy foods blogs. An attractive flower pattern on the head and flower icon templates on the post. The BlueMarine - A clear layout with beautiful RSS button and plenty of headline room.

Buttersfly 2 - This is a beautifully designed pattern with two stripes of pink that run along the sides of the blog and buttons of Butterflies in the head and side bars. Cat Glossy, gloss; ideal for a Web 2. 0 central blog. Cooperation - A very neat submission, one of my favourites in this listing.

Free - A tidy blogger blog style sheet, ideal for blogging icon postings. You can really see the stripe of red in the top right corner. Darkpark - This is a tidy and stylish looking pattern in blacks and blues with flowery patterns in the head area. You can see the headlines in front of the dark backgrounds quite well.

Décorativo - Easy to see, ideal for a literary blog. Érudite - I emotion the model on this leaf. 1 - Feminina 1 - Rose backdrop and one for the maid. The Feminina 2 - A rose coloured little lady in the side bar on the right gives this distinctive model a touch of womanhood.

Here, too, the headers are a little too big for my tastes. Pile - A plain, clear flower pattern. Flower - Beautiful "boxy" look and a very contemporary look. I would never suspect it was Blogger at first glance. Gothic - Gothic pattern, too obscure for me, but I'm sure many will like it; especially those who like sexies.

Precious stone - Very beautiful use of the head area and a good colourbination. The Genesis - A three-column black and white colour scheme with beautiful headline tablets and headline button in the sideline. GossipCity - A three-column style sheet that gives your blog the subway look with starry and glitter. Gradient - A two-column style sheet with grey backgrounds and headline tabbed pages.

Gradient Canal - A pattern created from the gradient canal. Honesty - A style sheet very similar to the K2, but with beautiful side bar headers. iPhone - For those who love the iPhone, here's the great style sheet for your blog. Isabela - An oranges stripe on the head, a blank backgroud and a little gal in the back.

iWork - A two-column design with an Office-themed topic. Denim. A pattern that looks like your pale denim. It'?s great to be a cowboy. Leua - A favorite model in three columns. You can find headers and a large blog descriptive area on the right.

Looter xp - A sleek monochrome look with some distinctive effect. Mayo - A deep original with rose taste. There' also an adsense-ready col. Midnight - A 2- columns deep pattern with beautiful headline tablets. Mozaico - A pattern designed in tessellated fashion.

This is a neat and austere style with a beautiful headline colour and headers in the side bar. You can also find some headline tabbed files that will be very useful. Nature charm - A rather light and vivid pattern that every young girls would like to use. This is a favorite Worpress style sheet that has been port to Blogger.

This is a three-column pattern with a larger side bar on top of two mini-beams on the right. For Oggi - The headers come as part of the mail section, while the side bar goes up in this handsome look. Two more pillar designs with a flower pattern on the part.

Rose Sterne - A rose backdrop and star that complements and highlights the ultimate female look. PerAds - This is perfectly suited for the placement of 150x150 images. Then this is the pattern for you. This is a rather beautiful motif with a deep reddish backdrop and an uncommon look.

Now you can insert your image into the headers. Revolucion - We've seen so many Wordpress Magazin topics, but this one is for bloggers. Take a look. iPlantilla - another Mac theme with a very neat look. Mystery - Beautiful handdrawings.

A very special and definitely eye-catching one. The Serena 2 - This is a three-column pattern with a beautiful flower y pattern on the back. Mignus - A two-column pattern with headline tabbed images and beautiful flower motifs in the back. Simpleness 2. 0 - This rose colour looks stylish and very female.

Stylish - A beautiful colour match again with blues and blacks on this three-column pattern. Substances - A deep bluish pattern with. SubstleBeauty - As the name implies, this pattern is quite a beautiful and astonishing use of fonts and backgrounds. terra company - A beautiful Wordpress portable blog with room for Adsense in the headers.

Wirmesh - A black pattern with colored mail and side bar heads. 1014px - A single two-column original on a single blank backdrop without much colour, but with good legibility.

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