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Examples of Blog Websites

The best examples of blog design for inspiration. This eleven amazing examples of blog homepages will inspire you to create a highly converting first point of contact for all your website visitors. Seventeen of the Best Examples of Business Blog Design

Although most marketeers now know that companies need to blog, has your organization made it a top policy? In a blog it is not only about presenting your products or services, but also about being a comprehensive source for the peoples in your area. In order to do that, here are 17 great examples of blog posts that have already made it.

Wistia is your point of contact when it comes to videomarketing and in-boundarketing. The Wistia blog, with a committed staff committed to raising awareness of the advantages and importance of watching videos, will educate you on why you should make watching videos part of your online media campaign, how you can integrate videos into your automated media campaign, and other great hints and tricks that will help your business differentiate itself.

Evernote Blog is sure to have something to suit your needs with contents designed to make you more prolific at home and in the workplace. If you are an authoritative thought provoker, you want to stimulate debate in your blog. Not only does Moz make contents for the purposes of having them.

They use their blog to inform and engage with members of their communities. When nature is your second home, you've probably ended up on REI's blog once or twice - or even you' re a subscriber. The REI is doing a good all-round blog thing. The blog offers advice, comparison and step-by-step instructions for everything from walking, biking, traveling right through to camp sites.

The rating of this part of the storyline, which is placed next to the headline of the entry, should be my favourite part of your blog. Contents that range from distribution and styling, as well as human resources, products and services, to human resources and cultural diversity, provide a varied mixture to keep you on your toes. What I like most about her blog would be the long drawn-out contents, with tips from sector leader and opinion-leader.

You should do this if you are not producing long format contents because they get more releases, are good for sending SMS and increase your rate of exchange. When you thought her blog was just about footwear, you're way off. Rather than using the Zappos blog as a place for promotion and corporate messaging, they have made it a place of daily inspirations and daily use.

but this blog has everything! HeubSpot has done a fantastic job building a blog that everyone in the company can like. No matter if you're looking for distribution fundamentals, information on products, or even agent insight, you'll find it all on the Haupt-Blog homepage.

To those of you who haven't yet realized, Buffer has recently changed things with its new blog-style. one of the elements of your designs you have added are different page layouts for your contents. One blog is not suitable for all. According to the kind of contribution, the redesign allows you to tell your story more efficiently using two different item sizes.

They make contents customizable to suit different uses. Kissmetrics uses its blog to provide you with information about your traffic, analysis and your strategies, with a website designed to optimise your conversion market. They not only deploy the fundamentals like great call-to-action and in-bound hyperlinks, but they also use long forms for contents - and give you all the information you need about a subject in one place.

You' ll see not only how to optimise your Glasdoor accounts, but also how to enhance your interview, how best to refuse a nominee and why it's good for your staff to work from home. No matter if you are a professional design professional or a marketing professional looking to increase your visibility, the Canva Design School Blog is here to help you enhance yourself and provide some inspirational work.

Her blog is not only about how you can do things, but also about strategies and new ways to enhance your online advertising and online communications strategies. The Canva empowers the whole earth to shape. Providing a free copy of their full guidelines for brands and designs. They' ve also added a great ribbon at the top of their blog that allows users to simply upload and download information to their network, no matter where they are on the site.

Everyone involved in affiliate email knows that Neil Patel has a BIG Blog! With persuasive imagery, thoughtful storyline and smart call to action, Neil has done a great job and created a great blog and resources for those inbound. In order to be considered an authority in your field, your contents must mirror that and be thought-provoking and informed - educating others.

Don't neglect to personalize your blog, you want to be able to connect with your readership and post on subjects your readership will be interested in. Smashing Magazine produces top quality entertainment for all the creative professionals and designers out there to help you keep one step ahead, especially in this fast-paced world.

Smashing's participants share their wisdom through long forms contents with the hopes of fostering creative activity and empowering the web designing communities. Featuring a mashable-type lay-out and flowing to your blog, you'll be sure to find useful contents simply and without detours. One interesting feature they have included in their blog is the possibility to upload an item.

An interesting way to lay out your blog is to use grooves to create a time-line effect while maximising the use of whitespace. The one thing I really like about her blog is the pop-up that appears from above on your computer monitor. That makes it simple for you to get their great contents directly into your mailbox.

It also makes it incredibly simple for their reader to find similar contents to those they have read. The Information Technology Group (ITG) blog provides advice, comparison and step-by-step instructions to help our readership make better, more confident choices as a business deploys Virtual Desktops Infrastructure. Imagine how a business that provides IT scheduling, provisioning and administration has such a great blog.

Your blog contains ALL the essential items that a great blog would be made of: it's constantly refreshed, has fantastic pictures, persuasive call to action, great contents, and a powerful subscriptions package. Today, the security of your information is crucial, so ITG's blog is surprisingly useful and useful.

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