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Blog spot website templates converted from WordPress themes to make your blog look like high-quality modern websites. Blogger professional templates and WordPress themes. You can choose from ready-made templates that you can install, or create a custom design designed specifically for your blog.


One design governs the overall appearance of your website, which includes things like page layouts, wideget positions, fonts, and colors. Add new themes all the time, search for new themes all the time: you can modify your design as often as you like. Here is an example of a topic, Edda: To enable a topic, go to My Pages Themes in the My Pages tab of any website or in the Showcase themed.

Select the three points to the right of the topic name and click Activate. You can see the current topic at the top of My Pages ? Themes. Remember that the currently chosen topic is not displayed in the results when you search or search for other topics.

In order to see all 290 designs available, go to the Showcase themes or My Sites Themes page Themes in your website's pull-down menus. They can be sorted by click on the Trend, Popularity and Latest link at the top of the page and you can search these results by Free or Premium.

The Topic Showcase provides extra filtering for common topics such as photo, eating, music, portfolios, businesses and more. Are you looking for a specific topic or function? Type your query in the field and you will only see topics that correspond. Searches are performed in near real-time and the counter number indicates the number of topics that correspond to your query.

In order to see a topic previewer before you activate it, go to My Pages ? Themes. Select the three points to the right of the topic name and click Try & Customize. The Customizer shows you a real-time thumbnail of the design with your contents.

It' a great way to test a topic if you already have contents on your website. Zoom up and down, and even click around your blog to get an impression of how the new design works with your contents. When you like what you see, click the Save & Activate or Buy buttons in the upper leftside of the Customizer screen.

To retreat and browse through the themed display case, click the upper right hand side of the Customizer pane on the top right hand side of the screen to get a better fitting. A further way to get a glimpse is to take a look at the topic demonstration site. To access the demonstration page, go to My Pages ? Topics.

Select the three points to the right of the topic name and click Detail. You will be led to detailled information on this topic. To try the topic, click the Trial icon in the top right corner of the detail image. Showcase also provides shortcuts to the demonstration site of each topic.

If you click on the miniature image of a topic, you get a pre-view of this topic in the customizer. When you' re happy with this topic, click the Save & Activate or Buy icon in the upper leftside of the Customizer screen. To retreat and navigate further through the themes, click the top right hand side of the Customizer screen on the right side of the screen to find a suitable topic for your website.

Once you know that this is the topic you're interested in, you can go ahead and click Save & Enable or Buy. When you purchase a design, it is activated by default. Click on the Several themes have one or more side bars. Side bar is a subordinate section of your topic. You' ll also notice that some designs have a number of standard side bar items.

The Twenty Ten topic, for example, provides a find toolbar and an archive listing as standard side bars. When you go to My Sites Customize ? and ? you will find that these items do NOT appear under your My Sites Customize ? and ? related items. In order to delete these items from the Widebar, go to My Sites Customize ? to ? Apply one or more of your own custom widgets to the widget area.

To completely fade out the side bar in these topics, add a blank text widget to the side bar. As well as our many free themes, we also provide a choice of beautiful premium themes with thrilling customisation possibilities and exclusively supported directly by the topic-writers. Every topic has been meticulously crafted to help you present your messages to the rest of the globe.

And if you like to switch themes frequently or want unrestricted availability of the latest premier themes, Business Upgrades is for you. Changing a subject almost everything comes with you. All your contributions, pages, medias, blog rolls and all your contents remain with you. If you are moving to a new design, there are some things you should review afterwards:

You will need to re-assign your custom menus to the items you want in the new design. Every topic will support different sites according to the topic. As with custom menus, each design has different positions according to the topic. And the only thing that wouldn't come with you is Custom CSS, because it's topic-oriented.

Your current version of your existing CSS can be found under the links Changes to your existing version of your old version of your old version of your old CSS at My Sites ? Customize ? CSS. If you choose a premium topic, it is usually available for the entire life of that blog. Sometimes we choose to abandon a premium topic because it was created from a functional or functional point of view.

When that happens, you can use the design as long as you want, but if you move to another design, you can't move back. We are always ready to help you find a newer and better design for your website. Using the Appearance page, businessplan visitors can submit third-party or customized designs to their website.

Forever Free Planner customers, as well as our staff and staff members, can select a topic from our latest range of topics. Browse the library for certain functions to find the topic that's best for your site. Customizing Design also includes user-defined scripts and colours that allow you to modify whole colour schemes and type choices for themes with just a few mouse clicks, without programming.

There is no need to know how to modify font or color using the built-in font editing tool, but you will need some basic knowledge of using JavaScript to make changes using the editor.

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