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As part of the Google server migrations, several new capabilities were added, among them tag organisation, a drag-and-drop templates edit surface, read rights (for creating personal blogs), and new web feedback capabilities. Blogger in Draft[14] is a release of the Blogger Draft that tests new functions before they are made available to all people.

Discussions about new functions will take place in the ministry's offical blogs. In September 2009, Google launched new blogger functionality as part of its ten-year jubilee celebrations. Functions include a new user surface for post-processing, enhanced picture processing, raw HTML conversion, and other Google Docs implementations-including Google aesthetic new icon bar with quicker load times and Udo and Redo icons, full justifying, strike-through key, and extended colourway.

Blogger will be available in these 60 languages[quote required] by the end of 2016: The Blogger allows its user to select from different styles and then customise them. You can also make your own custom layouts with custom style sheets. Known as the " Dynamic Viewer ", the new artwork was launched on August 31, 2011[19] and on September 27, 2011.

Load times are 40 per cent faster than conventional layouts and allow users to present the blogs in seven different ways: classical, flip card, magazine, tessellation, side bar, snapping and slide. The reader still has the possibility to select preferred viewpoints if the blogs have a standard one. Labels, profiles, link list, subscription links, followers and blogs archive etc.) are available for dynamical viewing; other template are selected by the blogger.

Blogger upgraded its HTML templates editing tool in April 2013 with some enhancements that make it easier for the user to modify the blog's sources. Google Tools include a function named "BlogThis!" that allows Blogger account holders to publish direct link to their own weblogs. " Blogger for Word " is an Add-In for Microsoft Word, with which user can store a Microsoft Word documents directly in a Blog and work on their contributions both on-line and off-line.

Since January 2007[update] Google says: "Blogger for Word is currently incompatible with the new release of Blogger", and they explain that no decision has been made to endorse it with the new Blogger. 23 ] However, Microsoft Office 2007 provides natively supported functionality for a wide range of blogs, such as Blogger.

Blogsger is supporting Google's AdSense to generate revenues from operating a blogs. Windows Live Writer, a stand-alone Windows Live application, published directly to Blogger. The Blogger can optional be included in Google+. You can integrate Google+ annotations into Blogger annotations. Campaigns in the Blogger Dashboard refers to Adwords, which makes it easy to build advertisements.

Blogger's two main portable OSs are Android and iPOS. 27 ][28] Bloggers allow blog editors to manipulate blog posts anywhere in the application and either post them or store them as designs. People can append photographs by taking a shot with a Blogger application or choosing images from their own gallery.

You can also post your pictures and link directly to Blogger. Blogs also offers vibrant portable view for blogs compatible with portable gadgets and phones. However, modifying a blogs in the Blogger application is still an open problem for the user. The Blogger has been suspended for various timeframes in the following countries:

Once you have updated to Google+, your pictures will be saved in Google Pictures, where you have 15 GB of disk sharing with Gmail and Drive. If a user is not logged in to Google+, 800 x 800 pixel and below would not be available in this area. If a website violates the conditions of use, it may be blocked by Blogger without prior warning.

Repetitive breaches may result in the Google account being blocked. Authoritative supporting is the Blogger product forums. 38 ] This on-line panel, provided through Google Groups, is designed to serve bloggers with diverse experiences and is monitored by Google people. "Leading contributors" are members of the Google employee nomination communities who receive extra benefits such as the ability to manage forums and directly interact with Google employees.

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