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Looking at this poll, we see the interest shown in the general interest in the future of the private sector increasing, with most of those surveyed citing costs and value as key issues when considering cluster opportunities. Intel last weeks heralded 3 new serious flaws in its processor technology that allow unwanted attacks on L1 cache information.

Meanwhile, I'm assuming that most IT administrators are conscious of this, but the effect on system behavior is still a puzzle. Few week ago we released a blog post about Meltdown and Spectre on XenServer 7.2. Earlier in the blog I said that the results were unexpectedly good and different than anticipated. My blog post about Meltdown and Spectre Patch tests concentrated on XenServer.

This blog post will discuss ESXI and its effect on the power we have been measuring in our laboratories. In order to manage all (IT-related) changes that affect user uptime and can disrupt your operation, most large enterprises have deployed extensive and managed decision support tools. Log on to AT to check your compatibility with the applications.

Following all the Meltdown and Spectre related messages, the situation now seems to be quiet. The latest discussions focus more on the next generations of exploit than on the effect on power. I would like to present some results from our in-house power auditing laboratories where I have performed testing on a large number of OSes that measure the effects of OS patch, hypervisor, and BIOS-level patch effects.

This RA can demonstrate high power for 700 and 1000 knowledge workers in just 5U. Moore's Act is definitely in effect here, as SimpliVity is demonstrating the Intel Xeon 6152 Skylake chipset that can accommodate up to 8 knots in this fourU print.

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