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Locate freelance Blogger Template Maker professionals, consultants, freelancers & contractors and do your job remotely online. Studying how to design a blog template can take time and make working with HTML and website design easier.

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10 top free templates/themes/skins generators for blogs & websites

No matter whether we use WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal or plain, easy HTML, XHTML sites, one thing we always need is template, the skeletal theme of our sites' designs. All these platforms have access to tens of millions of ready-made templates/topics. But if you don't want these ready-made template files and want to give your website / your blogs a look that is second to none, the best option is to make your own template for your website.

How you make the template this way, you can do all the things you want to include in your website. A lot of beloved sites like Cnet, Mashable, PhoneArena, Engadget, ZDNet, eHow, eBay etc. use their own custom template and work very well. So if you're considering creating your own template, I'll tell you the top 10 free online template generators that will make it a breeze.

The CSSEZ is the best available Template Designer for blogging. With CSSEZ you can design templates/themes for your own WordPress, Movable Style Blogs, LiveDoor and Ameba blogs. Although CSSEZ uses CSS, HTML, XHTML and other HTML template tagging, you don't need to have any previous experience in these programming languages. However, CSSEZ uses CSS, HTML, XHTML and other HTML templateing. Select from 1 to 4 column, user-defined width, upholstery, edge, boundary, border, fonts and left-style.

While you can post your own wallpaper, you can also post your own picture creator. We all know that Drupal is one of the best blogs. Because of the shortage of popularity you will find it difficult to find the Drupal template for your website. When your website runs on Drupal modules, Drupal themme generator can help you create great templates/skins for your website.

The Drupal CMS Engine is an MS Excel powered application that allows you to build PHPTemplate and XTemplate themes for your Drupal website. It allows some really awesome functions like remote control colour themes generation, HTML colour wizard, integration of JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML code from outside source and more. The Artisteer is one of the most advanced template generators that allows you to build themes for Joomla!, Blogger, WordPress and Drupal blogging platforms.

However the site has a lot of ready-made layouts that are available for all these platforms, but you can also simply make fantastic designs. Artisteer tools make it easy to become a web designer, edit and cut images, encode XHTML and CSS, and build web page designs without using Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

is a free WebBlog Template Generator for webmasters and white people. They can begin to create a template by simply completing your needs in the forms they provide on the website. This template is a W3C compliant XHTML template that gives you a high level of rankings and more results.

They can also verify web browsing compatibility, speed up the website, use DIV tags instead of spreadsheets to prevent the end users from seeing mess. doesTemplate has a combined of 22 template files. Select any of these styles and then make the desired adjustments, such as change the colour, fonts, link colour, text box location, etc. in the backgrounds, containers, footers, menu items and text boxes. You can also use dotTemplate to apply shadows, gradients, upload photos and round edges to your style sheet.

When you' re considering creating vibrant Flash Web pages with stunning animation, visuals, and all kinds of off-the-shelf template validations, Wix is what YOU should be aware of. With Wix, you can build a default HTML5 validated website, portable web pages and even fantastic Facebook fan pages in just a few moments.

It' s got an easy-to-use drag-and-drop function that makes your template fun to use. WEBLY is one of the most favorite sites to provide free template designing for your weblog. Use the same drag-and-drop functionality to easily build and modify your template. Text boxes can be added, text styles can be selected, pictures can be added, galleries, backgrounds, header/footer text can be added, etc.

Once you have created a template, you can have it exported to your customized domains. But Weebly also provides you with free web sites & weblogs, so if you're a novice, then using these free web logs is for you. Templatr Web 2. 0 has more than 20 predefined layout. Select one of them or make a template for your website.

With Web 2.0 Templatr, you can reformat various page items, such as pages, headers, footers, title, margins, padding, margins, and more for your WordPress Blog. Once your template is finished, you can upload it to your WordPress blog. Like the name says, you can generate HTML, CSS and PHP templates on the website with a two-column page with headers and footers.

General stylesheet designs are available there. All you have to do is specify the pixelsize of the fonts, paddings, borders, text colours, left and right texts, headings, etc. This is the ultimative template, a PHP, CSS and HTML file combo. The Firdmatic template builder for old bloggers, pMachine and Movable Tyre blogs.

In order to make your own template, you only need to type in some unique detail such as link, border, credit colour, head style, back colour, number of column and so on. They can also select the name of the site, cover pictures, and the fonts of the sites as a whole. So this is the best available on-line template engine that allows you to get exactly what you need for your website.

When you find a more efficient website to simply build topic templates, please let us know.

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