Blogger Templates for Designers

Designer Blogger Templates

That's why we publish new templates immediately with impressive features. Our ready-made designs are not only modern, cute and affordable - most are even customizable! Libraries store your colors and selected project files, so you can easily retrieve them later.

Libraries store your colors and selected project files, so you can easily retrieve them later. A complete adjustment has been made in terms of page layouts and mailtype. Made with Bootstrap 3.3. With the various customisation possibilities such as colour palettes, fonts, etc., it is possible to give it a customisation.

The 0, has an attractive look and is fully compliant with all web browser. Built-in sidebar for simple navigating. Created using the latest web styling technologies such as jQuery, CSS3, etc., it is certain that you will give your blogs a fantastic look. Enhanced functions give the blogs a singular charm.

Featuring various advanced functions such as navigational menus, hovering headers and capsular field searching, this certainly has a very advanced look. Made with jQuery, HTML, CSS3 and XML, it' s compliant with all web browser and display formats. It' a great option for designers and photographers, if you present your portfolios with it, it would definitely contribute to its allure.

Made with WordPress, this is the ideal tool for presenting your designers profiles and portfolios. Pillar layouts make it simpler to create a magazine-like look. It' s green stile and 3-column look give it a contemporary look. Its appealing styling allows for a variety of customisation possibilities.

Its reactive look makes sure that the resulting blogs can be displayed on all your mobile phones, regardless of your display area. Using Widget and Links makes it simple to connect the blogs to online sites and community sites. Its reactive styling makes it readily adaptable to any display on the equipment.

Popular layouts with broadly based content allow for simple inclusion of content. There are a variety of customisation choices to help you personalise your work. Refresh the theme to make it appropriate for your blogs by modifying the colour theme, type styles, fonts, the look of the side bar, etc.

And as the blogs arenas become more fiercely contested, high-quality editorial must be supplemented by an art style outfit.

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