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( ) Medium ( ) Blogger ( www. ) Tumblr ( ) Weebly ( ) A detailed overview of self-hosted, freemium and free blogging sites and platforms where you can start a blog. However, that was when there were no websites or blogs.

Forty+ sites that get paid for writing & blogging - Best Of

There are several payout methods on the site, such as PayPal and Skrill. Bloggelina - The website publishes contents that help newbies build and run a prosperous blogshop. Your preferred blogs are postings and essay with different numbers of words. Payments will also be made according to your kind of contents and the number of words used.

Introspectionist - Looking for item concepts and pitching that will interest you? Self-checkers accept items, nonfiction, essays, information and creativity and pay about $25 for a title track and $15 for other kinds of contents. PayPal, which is usually between $50 and $75 for 1000-3000 words.

You must have 450-650 words of text, for which you will receive $75. Women's Writers Weekly - Writers Weekly concentrates on ways to make a living by posting on business communications, market research, etc. Answer questions on the subject before posting an item. When they are approved, they are paying $60 for a 600-word item through PayPal.

Feel free to put your idea forward or post an essay in your own personal stylesheet. You post items of ~1500 words and offer payment options according to your description. The Smashing Magazine - Smashing Magazine releases essays using web design, e-commerce and web technology. The Scotch - Scotch believe in delivering good value contents that focus on training their readership on almost any subject.

Your pay is animal-related - up to 150 dollars per item. The TakeLessons Blog - TakeLessons Blog offers news and information about TakeLessons products. Your acceptance will be 900-1200 words long and if your acceptance is successful you will receive $50. Change Agent - The Change Agent concentrates on papers that relate to various topics of societal equity.

Items with a length of 200-1000 words are acceptable and you will be charged $50 if approved. The Polygon - Polygon specialises in contents for the videogame industrie, be it review ing games, opinion pieces or strategic instructions. It is their preference that authors present their thoughts before entering the article. You will be charged competitive according to the number of words.

WasCulture - WhatCulture allows you to create a wide range of content around games, movies and sport. It shall also take into account videos and newscasts. You must have an item that is at least 1500 words long and if approved you will receive £30 per item. eCommerce Insiders - eCommerce Insiders will accept items on education or trade related subjects.

In addition, the fee is paid once a month, and the installment will depend on the number of words per post for your posts. Revenue Diary - IncomeDiary specialises in generating website contents, promoting revenue, managing online community, etc.. Earn up to $200 for good quality online entertainment, and you can even specify your own rates, unlike most other sites on this page.

Moneys Crashers - Moneys Crashers is a financial site with article about investments, moneys management and pensions, etc.. She prefers items that have more than 3000 words and provide a payment option that is settled each month through a PayPal or Debit payment. One of the most popular and popular ways to "stretch" your dollar is to use the Dollar Stretcher - The Dollar Stretcher contains article in which the reader can find ways to virtually "stretch" their dollar.

It is their preference if they submit an idea prior to submitting it in order to avoid duplication of work. About $0.10 per words you choose to PayPal or cheque. Penny Hoarder - The Penny Hoarder needs 700-900 words that consist of original thoughts, experience, or strategy to make and keep a lot of cash. Your writers will make a decision about the amount to be paid for your letter as soon as they have accepted your contribution to the item.

The KnowledgeNuts - KnowledgeNuts feature a requirement that you create essays that provide lesser-known information that is both compelling and compelling to the reader. You ask for your originals and PayPal pays about $10 for each item you post. ListenVerse - Allows you to directly make money - create an interesting listing on almost any subject, and you can make 100 dollars through PayPal.

You will only be accepting genuine contents and have some stringent policies that you must review before sending a mailing. I found out today - I found out today that it specialized in out-of-the-box items that provide objective and fascinating contents. You do not admit guests, only payed contributions.

Internationally living - internationally Living offers article, which give an idea of travel goals abroad. Your payment is subject to change according to the nature of the contents and the number of words. Transfitions Abroad - Contains items that speak about movement, life or work abroad. For your work you use PayPal, which can be between $50 and $150 for a 1250-2000 wordpaper.

A Disney parent blogs, Baby - Children's Disney welcomes entries on various topics ranging from maternity, upbringing, home, fun, aesthetics and more. The BabyFit - BabyFit items concentrate on exercise and diet during and after your baby's trim. Normally, most contents are composed by internal authors, but they also accepted free-lance work.

They can be between $25 and $90 per 500-1200 words. Lie about Education - Lie about Education will accept features items from your educational story. You' ll get $50 for each of your items. They are obliged to write essays that are rough and deeply felt so that your reader can get in touch with you.

You must have an item that is 400-1500 words long and the amount paid will depend on the number of viewings. Eerie Mommy - Papers dealing with different phases of parenthood, from gestation to childbirth, topics related to the education of children and more. The DigitalOcean Community - DigitalOcean Community has a donation programme through which you can donate items related to manufacturing equipment, softwares and more.

WebsitePoint - SitePoint is paying you a large amount of $150 for essays and $200 for Tutorials, but has stringent rules. It covers HTML, CSS and other web niche themes and makes payments by wire transfers within Australia, PayPal or SWIFT-transmission. There must be 700-1200 words in it, and you can use PayPal to purchase up to $150 per item if you' re approved.

You agree to $50 for a posted item, but the definitive payment for the item is subject to the grade of editorial work. Well, they are essentially looking for answer to questions about birdwatching, how-to items, photographic assays and other histories. bee culture - (bee Industry) Bee Culture is an american beekeeper magazin, which concentrates on everything around the apiculture.

You need items that are about mead crops, dusting, wildlife, etc. and paying $150-200 for 1500-2000 words and $50 for covers if approved. Partially Examined Life - (Culture) A philosophical Podcast and Blogs that accept books review, short contributions on topics of interest and thought, and philosophical comments.

Diplomat offers postings and blogs on the latest developments in Asia Pacific and Asia Pacific. If you are looking for an artist and author with a good feel for creative humour who can create comic items and pictures, then you should look for one. The New Scientist - (Science) New Scientist needs contents that cover scientific and technological issues, such as the psychological aspects of terror and the latest research outcomes.

Big Escape Publishing - (Travel) Great Escape Publishing will accept contents that focus on occupations that you are paying for when you are traveling, whether for photo, tourist, writing, and more. Your payout is flexible and varies between $50 and $200, based on the length and nature of your item.

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