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Free comptador de visites, rastarejador de visitingants on aesthetic websites Repeat these steps after you create an user ID and add your first work. Log in to your Blogs Manager Moneybookers email address (opens in a new window). Insert the passcode into the contents field. Please click on'Template' in the menue on the top right. Select'Edit HTML' from the navigation on the right.

If you click on'Save template', click on'Template' in the navigationbar.

To customize the portable pattern, click the pinion symbol. Use the dropdown arrows below to click where "Select your phone template" appears.

Faster pages, with asynchronous banners

Want to send the best of your blogs directly to those who want to read them? Selected news from you, every day, on your readers' mobile phones and desktops, without having to browse Facebook pages and Google search. These are the impressions of bloggers who have already tried using our notifications.

It'?s not nice to keep the surfers of your blogs waiting. Think of them in front of the computer or on the phone while waiting for the content to load that we don't like. Advertising banners can slow down the loading of blogs. But you can earn money with advertising banners on the web.

We don't want you to have to give up your revenue to speed up your blogs. That' s why we have speeded up the loading of banners: to make surfers wait without you having to forego the revenue from advertising. We made the code of the page asynchronous, which brings measurable advantages in terms of page speed.

Our statistics show that after setting the asynchronous code on-line, the average load on the blogs page was halved. These are WordPress topics with a professional and precise graphic representation, written in a beautiful code, with the main functions required by modern navigation: fast reactions, connected to networks and highly adaptable.

These are always up to date topics on WorldPress that are appreciated by the blogging communities that use WorldPress. How can you use the content you have already published to get more traffic? How can you use calendar appointments to highlight the best content in your blogs? You can collect your content and present it in a beautiful form when everyone talks about it.

The conference part provides for two areas of intervention: I' m sure that you prefer to avoid it and that you prefer to prevent your website from being flagged as insecure. That' s why we have activated the HTTPS connection for your free and easy way to prevent your website - with its completely healthy content - from being reported insecure due to its unprotected connection protocol.

You can read how much the blogs makes of you, what works best and at what time of the year, what format of banners, what advertising and what device. Let's go in that order and see if the revenue panel can also become one of your favorite sites. We have made an important change to our blogs statistics system, which was published on the WordPress bulletin board.

From today you can see the data obtained in collaboration with Google Analytics, a leading tool among traffic detection systems, on the bulletin board of the blogs. The statistics you've seen have recorded all the visits to the blogs, including the "visits" of machines and robots that scan the web to get information about the site, such as Google crawlers that analyze the pages or requests to installed applications.

The numbers and graphics you saw on the bulletin board were therefore not just human visitors: human visitors were supplemented by automatic systems, each pushing the counter upwards for its own purposes. Okay, it could have been reassuring to see higher numbers, but those numbers were irrelevant to make you earn with the blogs, and they still are.

Advertising investors pay for people who see ads, not for robots who analyze pages (robots still don't do the shopping). With the new statistics created in collaboration with Analytics, you can see on your wall only the visits of real people, i.e. lower numbers, but exactly in comparison to how many people have actually read your content.

The new statistics give you an idea of the development of your blogs also in comparison to the revenues, but they are not the statistics on which the revenues are based: each advertising format has its own margin (e.g. when you click on a flag or watch a video) and different statistics.

To be successful, a blogs must have good content. For a good profit with the blogs you have to be experts in digital advertising. Our system works, it makes you earn money and allows you to think only about publishing. You don't have to worry about where to place the banners, just activate the autopilot.

It' s nice to earn by following a passion, doing what you want, and that goes down well. AdSense is the affiliate with whom you can make the best money; Safran Yellow, Planet Mum, Cook Around and Planet Woman are the brands with which you can reach the next level: with the most respected sponsors in your blogs.

We hope it will be fun to earn at home and alone with your passion. A powerful blogs with the best free softwares, with professional graphics on smartphones and desktops. A work of constant updating with the best advertising formats to improve the content of the blogs. Don't worry about the position of banners and formats thanks to the autopilot you have the best positions, compatible to your theme, active on smartphones and desktops.

Focus on the growth of your traffic at this stage: take care of the content and run it on your community networks. For sponsors, having an approved and working Google AdSense affiliate is a quality guarantee that allows you to show more valuable advertising and pay more: at the gold level, you'll have higher salaries and you'll see a significant increase in revenue.

  • Your content is of interest to our sponsors. In order to reach this level, it is important that your content is original and in line with the most popular topics on the market.

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