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Opened an account at Blogger (alias Blogspot) and went on your happy way. Search for "blogspot login gmail" did not match any products. A login is required to access the internal area of Blogspot. Registration enables functions such as creating articles or access to restricted content.

Logging in to the Blogger: 6 easy steps (with pictures)

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Can' log in to my blogs.

In case you have problems logging in to your blogs, try the following tips: Just do what you're told. Please complete the following to verify that it is your bankroll. Type the e-mail address you received. When you have typed in a restore number, type the number sent to this number. Check out other e-mail address or telephone numbers for restoration.

Creates an acount. Type in the url of your blogs. You will be notified of the e-mail associated with your blogs. You will also receive an e-mail with registration details. You may be able to log into Blogger with a removed e-mail address if you have restricted your access. Type the e-mail that you used for your blogs.

At least one person is appointed as administrative agent for all your posts. When your weblog has more than one administrative user and you no longer have permission, try referring to other administrative users to get your administrative privileges back.

log in - Problems logging in with BlogSpot

ID on (this is the Google Blog thing). I can' t use it to sign in to (where I initially wanted to go), though I did link my username there. If I try to login with my BlogSpot ID (and the right password), I get to a 404 page; end of line.

I' d rather get an reply here or get carb. smoothz @ gremail. com since I obviously am not able to access replies to meth......

Learn how to sign in to your Google Apps to administer your customized domain from within Blogger or Blogspot.

I apologize for this civil servant notice if you're a WordPress fan, but I've been spending the last two and a half hour trying to figure out how to handle a customized domain in a Blogger blogs when you're just switching to WordPress. Then she asks what firm your domainname belongs to, and you're like, ......

In order not to accuse you at all, Google did not promote the business very well. Probably it will appear in your Google Wallet (which is difficult enough to find as it is) as this minute term after your registry. It is a namineless, featureless telephone corporation that is selling blogger blog posts.

You can get your domainname from a more serious firm like GoDaddy, but just so you don't think you're a true customer - you're not and should still read on). How exactly do you get into the DNS panel so that you can move this domainname to your new website?

They go to egom and find out - the telephone number doesn't bring you a name, and the login information doesn't take you anywhere. Go back to your Googleallet and find out that the domains were bought through Google Apps. The only thing you need to do is login to your Google Apps login and then you can get all the detail of your name.

Log in and BUMMST. In fact, you might even be changing your passwords because you may not be able to recall them well. A lot of blogs who buy their domains through Blogger don't really go into Google Apps and adjust their e-mail address and account. Instead, the minute in which the customized top level domains are up there, they completely forgot (until you get the scary out of nowhere Google account wallet).

Your issue is that you need a customized e-mail to subscribe to Google Apps. It' separated from your normal Google Accounts. It turns out that when you register for a customized Domain using Google Apps, you get an automatic standard e-mail location, which is as follows: Perhaps it was in your welcome pack, but we all know what happens to those inside e-mail filesystems.

Well, even God himself probably doesn't know your passphrase. You' ll probably be resetting your normal Google Accounts passwords a million passwords to find out, but it won't work. You will need to go to this location to reset your Google Apps account  password: Please obey the instructions and set your passwort back.

How to access your Google Apps account to administer your domains. ABUT BUT before attempting to sign in to Google Apps, make sure you are signed out from your Gmail/Google plus legitimate email address, plus your blogger. PASSWORT: By God. Take it down! Please post your web design engineer on my site so that he/she can thank me for having solved this all too frequent issue, which doesn't have to be so puzzling if Google were only to find out how to better organise its doc.

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