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Blog spot templates

Use templates to simplify and unify the creation of blog entries. Trong>Create templates for your own blogs Super Admins' new Templates utility allows Super Admins to create templates that can be used to create other scripts that are almost an accurate copy of the scripts of the scripts they use. You can use your own templates to make sure all your new websites have the same look, feel, headers, catagories, widgets, plug-ins, and your own custom postings, pages, and annotations.

Your first task is to build a new blogs that will only be used as a templates for your own blogs. Sign in to the new templated blogs' Dashboard and configure the topic, cover picture, postings, pages, Widgets and any additional information you want to add to any new blogs you creat.

Below are samples of templates blogs: In Settings > Read, you must select "Allow Searchengines" or "Dissuade Searchengines" for your templates to be used, otherwise pictures and mediafiles will not be copy into the new posts. Any changes made to a templated Blog will only be reflected in new Logs that have been posted after the changes were made.

Create as many templates as you want, and simply toggle between templates depending on the kind of weblogs you create. You can, for example, use different templates for your form logs and your students' logs, or create a number of templates for different classes. This is how you enable your templates blog:

Visit Document Templates > Document Templates in the Administrator Mask. Include your templates name, your Blog ID by using the Find via Blogs Trail and the templates descriptions. If you enter the Blogs Trail in the "Search for Blogs Trail" box, the Blogs URL will be searched as well.

As soon as the weblog url is found, click Add Weblog ID. If, for example, the blogs you are looking for have a web address like http://mydomain. com/studenttemplate, you would enter studentstemplate. When you click the BlogsURL, you should see a number that is added to the BlogsID.

Every blogs has its own distinct ID. Choose your private sphere for the submission. It is the level of invisibility that is defined on the recreated blogs when they are generated using the templates blogs. When your templates blogs is configured to "Block Suchmaschinen Block" and you choose "Keep Standard Option", your private sphere will be configured to "Block Suchmaschinen Block" in the new one.

The next time you see the next window, browse to see which items of the templates blog are contained in all your recently generated logs. Most of the time, you would be selecting all except the user choices, as shown below. When you want to refresh the data of articles and pages to the date of creation of the new Blog, make sure you check "Refresh data".

It is also possible to up-load your own screenshots that the user will see when they select a style sheet on your login page. Then click Save Preset. Make a test Blog by clicking the Submit button under Sites > Add New to verify that the Submit Script is being used as desired. In order to use a weblog style sheet as a style sheet for all your new weblogs, you must make it the standard style sheet as follows:

Visit Blog Templates > Blog Templates in the Administrator Maskboard. Move your cursor over the name of the templates you want to use for all new blog posts. Select Set Default. Now you can see the default setting next to the name of the model and can delete it by selecting Delete Default.

In other words, if you consider the new blogs as unsubscribed users before the registration procedure triggers the templates blogs, they will not look like your templates blogs and will have the standard topic (the topic that' s list under Settings > My settings in the administrator).

For the first login to their new blogs, or when a registered superman visit their new blogs, they will see a message saying "We're creating your new blog" and will see information when the templates log is duplicated. Once the copy of the templates blogs is complete, the users will be forwarded to their dashboards.

Standard templates are automaticly used for all recently generated logs. Supergovernors can decide which site to use to build a new site when they useites > Site > Add New by choosing the appropriate site or when they build a site using Batch Build. To let the user decide which style sheet is used on their own weblog when it is generated on the sign-in page, go to Templates > Preferences and set the "Show style sheet selections on registration" option as follows:

Activate the checkbox next to "Show templates selected during registration". Choose the kind of choices you want your user to see on your login page.

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