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One-sided topic for businesses and portfolios. Present your medias with a Windows 8 inspiring design, minimally invasive and colorful. Developed for newspaper and magazine web sites, 3-column minimum style with a strong emphasis on stylish type. Concentrate on your brief dossier with nice type and precision gritting. Adaptable, fast-reacting layouts that work in any screen size with an artistic, funny flair.

Become your own designers with this great start topic, customise it with our Style Panel.

Share your stories in this engaging topic that' re based on the Facebook time line. Minimum and lightweight with an emphasis on type, ThemeMin offers quick load and simple read. Any Topics and Club Membership is eligible for a refund within 30 business days following the date of your original order. It does no damage to join our themed club to try out all the themes.

Which are the best Blogspot submissions for a 2018 Tech Blogs?

Blogs are probably the oldest blogs platforms still active on the web, Google Blogger has been home to over 16 years of blogs and still holds a fairly steady position in the web of online media platforms. Of all known sites operating a CMS, Blogger is used by 1. 9% of these sites, which is shown by the use of 0. 9% of all known sites for humans; thanks to I3Techs.

Because it' s a Google offering, some stay with Blogger, and you can be sure of high safety and performance as well. And others love the easy-to-navigate blogsashboard to publish quickly and easily. One of the most remarkable issues in the last ten years has been blogs. Both small and large businesses have long come to the conclusion that blogs are a great way to generate revenue, additional revenue, free presentation, and generally for creating communities around posting and sharing music.

When it comes to setting up and actually maintaining a blogs, the advantages of blogs tend to override the disadvantages. Ranging from basic awards like increasing your exposure to popular sites and brands to things like gaining credibility and increasing your traffic rates, blogs have something for everyone. Googling Blogger makes it pretty much effortless to make your own blogs the way you want them to be, all you have to do is master a little HTML and a little bit of CSS to get going, and everyone is able to create their own customized Blogger template that they can upload and upload to be shared with their buddies and the general population.

Locating large originals can sometimes be a little exhausting, not because there is no available, but on the contrary - there are so many great style and template choices, the search for the right one can sometimes be quite overpowering.

We' ve chosen to resolve this puzzle of searching for the right blog by compiling a collection of the best free blogger bloggers' submissions, updated and optimised with the latest functionality, widgets and coding norms. Pixels is our newest blogger submission, which is totally free for personal and business use.

The topic is also proving incredibly beloved by several thousand people who jump on it within the first 2 week. Chaplan is our newest Blogger artwork and by far the best we've published. May be used for any message or magazinestyle website like fashions, automobiles, trips, chatter and so much more.

This is one of the most fun blogger submissions and is great for messages, posts, gossip, chat, fashions and virtual pages. The design is also simple to setup and customise. Plasma is a fun and imaginative magazinestyle artwork that is great for travelling, tech or any other type of message site or blog.

You can use this pattern freely as long as you specify the name of the origin. Simply let their link in the bottom of the site and get a free submission with free of charge feature. The Ember is a neat travelling and life style guide that you can use for your blog.

It' a colourlib artwork and coding, which means you can get the best possible experience when it comes to blogger topics or other website submissions in general. Be the first to know when the Simplify artwork will be published by following us on Facebook. Minimum, as the name suggests, is a minimum blogs topic without bell and whistle, but it does the work and looks totally astounding.

Probably this is my favourite motif we have made so far. The best free Blogs to take your website to the next notch. It' a sleek design in magazinestyle with advertising space, multiple customized Widgets, Picture sliders and premiums look. It' also the more stunning blogsheet we have seen, even if we look at different premiums.

The Shutter is a photo album Blogger photo sharing tool with a large slide area on top. There is everything you can think of on a paid subscription submission except that it is free. We start the year with Boulevard, a classy style sheet designed for classic weblogs, journals and educational tutorials that want to keep this classic array of grid-like weblog style sheets.

Boulevard is optimised to meet the latest spider industry standards and makes it simple to present your contents to spider industry and your audiences. Tabloid also includes some fun stuff like frisky fridgets, as well as community chat icons, a wide spread for the most favorite contents and commentaries.

In addition, this topic offers full optimisation to give your reader the best possible promotional experiences in a way that doesn't seem intrusive. Globally, going to the next advanced stage, if we didn't know better, this submission could easy be mistaken for a well-configured WordPress blogs, it's just so good!

Immediately on the homepage we are welcomed with a breathtaking slide control plug-in for viewing your latest postings, a feature post widget to quickly sketch your best postings, real post pages resembling contemporary press releases pages where the focus is on editorials, and promoting editorial style through popularity.

A great blend of type makes Global an aspirant to be one of the best blogger topics on this page. Posting pages are easy, so blogs have the ability to attach pictures to their own presented contents, while the contents themselves are complemented with a basic content share option for quick share, and Particular uses - instead of using Google+ commentaries - the Disqus Commentary System to offer the best commentary viewing experiences available.

While so many designees take courageous steps in choosing their own templated name, Glamour is one that actually looks and feels glamorous and provides a flamboyant bloogging adventure for both the blogsmith and the users searching the weblog using the Glamour templates. Slower scroll may scare some, but a look at the mail pages and the delightful flow properties of type and text styles makes glamour the first option for fashions, feedlogs and travelers who want to put their thoughts more daintily into words.

The 2-pillar Fabric brings back the stylish design! The first thing we noticed at Fabric is how simple it is to browse through the homepage of the latest blog, all contributions are visited with tagged pictures, making the homepage come to life, which is often important when bloggers review things like Tutorials, Contributions, Lists and other similar contents.

Fabric we see as a good option for Blogger who want to keep a periodic blogs plan and have a layout that really complements the variety of contents without the stressed feeling of laying in just one particular way. The Kylie Jo is a blogger from Colorand Code, with a maiden name, but not such a girlish outfit.

Characteristics are a 2-column lay-out with a right side bar and a galery topic, which makes searching many contributions at the same to a very pleasurable adventure. It is a very one-of-a-kind site designed in the way that it uses all three parts of the site, the nav, the contents area and the bottom line.

It will be a great topic to use in a blog as an opportunity to exchange histories, journals and contributions. Since we are the tech geeks that we are, we totally love Sorbet - a tech-feeling blogger submission for multi-purpose blogs. The best thing in our view is the widgettized navigational menus, where each symbol displays a different set of items, such as link, advertising link, socially relevant material and even a finder.

Optimised with the latest fast-response web designing technologies, Sorbet will work well for all users coming from different equipment and platform. Great blog templates for bloggers who want to create a journal, entertain themselves or want to share their experiences online. Another nice topic for authors and story-tellers, Papersheet is a no-sidebar submission that concentrates on showing all available contents on the home page, and gives the reader the opportunity not to remove themselves when they begin to dive into one of your posted tales.

It is also easy and uses a general topic of bright colours to put the focus on writing than anything else. And now Blogger is also part of the listing (we think it makes good business because Blogger is a Google company and Google is the owners of Materials Design), with the ever-impressive new responsive templating.

The integration of media artwork enables interesting functions such as waveforms, previews for viewing contents, smooth search able button controls, a nice comment area and to help blogs who like to split videos, the authors of Neue have taken their valuable times to incorporate FitVid libraries for reverse viewing that works across all web browser and device.

Looking for a blogger topic that will help inspirate your reader audience to be authoritative? Don't look any further than Johny Cassia - a modern, reactive blogger topic that is neat and crunchy. A wide range of typefaces and unusual types make Johny Cassia a great subject.

Would you like to run a magazines blogs when you feel that you are technologically unable to develop your own magazinestyle? An awesome blogger mag submission that is suitable for posting to newsgroups in any area, be it healthcare, tech, or scientific, Better Mag will find use in any of these soaps. Darkfire is yet another blogs / magazines artwork for blogger use, this timed toward the darker colors.

Johny Darkfire will be useful for blog gers and websites that speak about sport, games and maybe even face-to-face social networking activities that focus on the social side of the site rather than what the site looks like, but Johny Darkfire looks pretty astonishing!

Large headers, medium-sized scripts, anything that helps you write a tutorial and list-based blog without worrying about how others will see it, quite openly, these are the kind of topics we are used to, and they are a very good option for such blogging.

The Android is the most discussed open-source operating system on the planet, million of new smartphones are getting enabled every single passing and the fact that we see an Android-related submission is not surprising. Many Android related blogs already exists, and if there's one thing all of them have in common, it' the colour green - the formal colour of the Android bastioncott.

AdroidMag is a blogger blogging tool for those who want to post about Android or portable technologies in general and want to use a tool that already has a web site. Contents pages will profit a lot from AndroidMag! You' ll find it provides a stunning visual viewing sensation you won't find even in the most pricey pieces of art we find on today your newsgroups.

It' a reactive tool for Blogger who want to run their own custom Magazin logs, or logs that speak about designing and developing - because the styling does the job well. Some of the last few of the best free blogger submissions in our listing are really striking, the contemporary styling, the nice color choices, the breathtaking mapping of items to really mirror what a blogging is all about, and Fast Mag is just that - the combining of all these things in a nice finish that will satisfy even your wildest wishes for what a good looking pro-blogger should look like.

Technologie-Blogger, get up! We''re closing the free blogger topics with TechWorld, a fully customizable and fully customized blogger template. Contains the functionality and customization you would want from a technology-oriented approach. This includes contents controls, easy-to-navigate archive files, a side bar, and good headers and footers mapping.

Featuring a feature-rich blogger style, this blogger submission won't let anyone hang when it comes to providing a seamless web page creation experiences. Powerful integrated administration panels allow you to make the kind of changes that will help you customize the contents to meet your needs at that point in and out. It' optimised with jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 snapshots to ensure a fun and enjoyable blogsite.

Already a favourite among smallholders who want to make their blog feels at home. It is possible with OmniPage to change the page layouts for different category so that the site is also suitable for editing blog posts. There are also many ticket and feedback widgets available that allow you to elegantly present your information from outside source.

A fast-reacting blog spot topic for the blogsmith. It' easy, smooth and good for websites and bloggers talking about technological issues. And Oliver is the number one blog spot artwork for the photographer. It is without a doubt the subject that puts the emphasis on your photograph, and only that.

You don't have to search for photographers for hours; Oliver is the one, and we couldn't be impressed by the seamless look and expandable feature set. The MagPress Blogspot Blogger has two different colour options for their pages. It' just the thing for a compelling consumer entertainment game!

Moreover, the MagPress documentary is the ideal complement to start your own custom journal editing on Blogger! Certainly, this submission will find a home for contents that talk about web design and other related subjects. ShadowLight is designed for performance and has been greatly optimised to be one of the quickest designs ever.

They can put this topic into operation without previous coding knowledge, an attractiveness that you may perhaps like.

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