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Reporting Improper Contents - Blogger Help Blogsger seriously violates Blogger's conditions of use and policy on contents.... The Blogger is a free expression of opinion website.

No monitoring of contents and no mediation of disagreements. Once an author's social networking information is included on their blogs, please directly ask them to delete or modify that information.

When you have attempted to unsuccessfully attempt to communicate with the writer and still believe that a blogs violation of our conditions of use or content policies occurs, please choose the method of misuse below to communicate with us. Please note: A copy of any unsubscribe we are receiving in connection with Blogger will be sent to the Lumen Projects Complaints Databank.

It also publishes the number and type of regulatory applications to delete contents twice a year in our Transparency Report. Blogsger respect the copyrights of their owners and comply with the Digital Millennium Corporation Act (DMCA) and other relevant intellectual property legislation. Upon receiving due notification in accordance with the requirements of the DMCA, we will endeavor to promptly delete any material that has been found to be infringing.

Repetitive infringer blogging will be deleted, and in appropriate cases blogger account termination will occur. Find out more about DMCA, Copyrights, or submit a DMCA note. When you believe that we have erroneously deleted material from your post, you can submit a counter-notice. bloggers does not delete posts that contain offenses or bad comments.

Removing material that: encourages or endorses the use of force against any person or group, or has the principal object of encouraging hate based on racial or ethnic origin, religion, belief, handicap, age, national origin, veterinary health condition, sex, sexual orientation, sex, identity, or any other feature that is systemically discriminatory or marginalizing.

Find out more about what we might be removing. Tell them about hatred speeches, violence or rough contents. And if a blogs contains contents that exploit kids, we will: Submit the blogs to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Join the team. The Blogger does not allow the following: Mature materials used for business purposes or containing advertisements and hyperlinks to business related sites.

Unlawful sexually explicit material, such as images, video or text, that constitutes or promotes violation, imprisonment, sodomy or deception, is also forbidden. Others for adults are permitted on Blogger, but anyone can mark contents on Blogger that they consider insulting. Announce children's security, exposure to the nude or contents for adults. As a rule, spam logs have non-relevant, repeated or absurd text.

Find out more about our linkspamming. Find out more about our products. Kindly hand in each blogs only once. Blogs can perform these steps: Removing Contents. Put a caution page in front of the relevant contents. Alert writers and administrators by e-mail or posting to their Blogger dashboards. Publish a notice that the contents have been deleted.

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