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This is the best e-commerce plattform for furniture trade. If you are a dealer in furnishings, you are faced with the particular challenge of reselling your furnishings on-line. Take advantage of our best-in-class technologies and knowledge to create a buying experience that promotes Internet and store commerce. With our optimised mobility platforms, your website can be used anywhere, anytime. Keep one step ahead with the agility, safety and performance of a cloud computing environment.

Blue Commerce: Worldwide Holding & Payment Solutions

Blu Commerce was founded in 2017 and has developed from a 40 square metre large 2,000 square metre large parking facility to today's local cosmetic company and is today the premier cosmetic holdings and on-line retail chain in Stroudsburg. More than 100 brand names from the fields of fashion, fair trade, health, lifestyle and wellness are represented worldwide by Blu Commerce.


Our goal is to make real-time Financial World up-dates available to our clients; everyone wants to know how their portfolios are doing by the hour and not just sit back and watch EODicks? Instead of having to await EOD (End Of Day) update and realize that they have lost the chance, by giving our customers an application that provides them with RT updating throughout the entire working week, we give them the expertise and strength to respond to their portfolios within trade time.

Furthermore, the plattform offers the possibility to the client to get in touch with the TA (technical analysis) of his favourite shares and to adjust several parameter of the technological index. It will also be available so that subscribers can set up notifications of their favourite shares to receive information on price/volume movements.

In addition, SQL Server Analytics allows the end users to perform customized analyses on the information gathered by the database platforms. Using Windows Azure, we will be able to deliver HA, a quicker, more trusted computing experience, and an immediate scaling capability. Website will use MS LiveID as authentication resource, it will be generated in HTML5 with response designing principle, the website owner can have diagrams of various types, i.e. Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly, managing his own inventory and having the possibility to set up warnings using technological indicator.

In order to power the platforms, their Will-Daemon server runs on Azure, which collects the inventory information and feeds it into SQL Azure for use. Another range of front-end utilities will be available, such as Chart to accept and provide information on inventory usage settings.

Warning service that allows the Operator to trigger warnings for the terms set by the Operator on the Operator's Operator Interface. Web application, will be available on several platforms by using HTML5/CSS3/jQuery etc., so that the users can always and everywhere use the application and is not limited to the website. service.

Azure SQL offers a great degree of versatility to almost immediately increase/decrease the use of resource.

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