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Activate the function and then click on the blue update button. The colours that round off the design are white, blue and black. WooCommerce - How to add products to WooCommerce The presented articles are a good possibility to advertise certain articles on your website and can be easily set up in WooCommerce. As soon as you have set up some of the presented product, you can either show them on your website with a short code or with a broadget. Also, keep in mind that many WordPress topics require presented product presentations in template so that you can track this progress to include them.

In order to label a produkt as excellent, go to produkt > produkt. Locate the item you want to use and click the Featured Start. For selected items, the asterisk symbol is used. You can also move the mouse over the name of the item and click the Quick Edit menu-item. Activate the function and then click on the blue refresh pushbutton.

Do you want to attach the presented items in large quantities? In WooCommerce you can do the same! When you are accustomed to mass processing in WooCommerce, you know that it is a great function and quite simple to use. Activate all items you want to use first (the checkbox is next to the miniature of the item image).

Under Mass Actions, choose Edit and Copy. Choose Yes from the drop-down list, then click the blue refresh icon. The WooCommerce comes with a wide range of useful shortcuts to allow you to quickly and easily enter WooCommerce related contents into your postings or pages. In order to present your presented product, you can do something like:

It would display 8 of your presented items in a raster (four column, two row) with the newest one first. In Appearance > Broadcasts, move the WooCommerce Features Product from the Available Broadcasts section to a side bar on the right to enable it. Then simply give it a name and choose the number of items to display.

If you are a more experienced WordPress/WooCommerce user, you can view the presented product in a similar way to postings using the WP_Query category. Take a look at WooCommerce: WooCommerce other resources: Need help to set up your WooCommerce shop? Sorry, there are no remarks for this posting yet.

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