Bluebird Wordpress Theme

Blue Bird Wordpress Theme

Bluebird - a glamorous, sleek WordPress theme for photographers who work in a modern way. It is a "prestige photography WordPress theme", as it is called by the developer, and it contains all the features and cool animations to support our specific niche. BlueBird - Design for professional photographers by Colormelonon The Bluebird Photo WordPress Theme is a neat, contemporary photographic portfolios theme developed to look slim and professionally and set your work apart from the world. Key functions includes three preset folder placement settings - all powered by our Simple Photo Gallery folder WordPress plug-in, two preset folder settings, two preset folder settings, image editing, price list, welcome page with wallpaper (optional).

The Bluebird has a nice typeface that makes it simple to browse and feel neat and tidy and much more! We do our best as photo theme designers to create topics that are simple to setup and look exactly the way we show them in our demonstrations. While you are trying to find out all the turning buttons and clock faces, BlueBird will not turn your mind.

You' re a professional and you should do what you like best - capture your memory in pictures instead of wasting your valuable hours figuring out how to bring out your web page, and that's why we created Bluebird! The Bluebird comes with three nice folder designs from which you can select - Horizontal scrollbar, Masonry design with miniature views or Masonry design with hidden effect.

You can even use all three if you want, like in the theme demonstration. Regardless of which layouts you select, your pictures will not be trimmed and the layouts will retain the initial size of your work. Once you've finished shooting, Bluebird makes communicating with your customers much simpler!

Integrated image chooser allows your customers to highlight the pictures they like, and a dedicated comments section allows you and your customers to directly browse the privacy area. That' s why Bluebird has a dedicated head area where you can simply insert buttons that point to all your networking pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!

The first impression is important, so Bluebird comes with a great welcome page with loops for your backdrop. That' OK - just turn it off and go directly to your wallet! As a professional bluebird professional you may be interested in Bluebird's individual service and price pages. On these pages you can find your tariffs, processes, service and more cleanly, elegantly and easily understandably listed.

It is very important to us that our topics are simple to use for everyone, not just for technically experienced persons. The Bluebird comes with a 1-click demonstration installation that makes setup really simple! The only thing you need to do is get the theme installed on your WordPress, enable it and then simply go to Theme Options > 1-Click-Demoinstallation, click a shortcut and voice your voice!

You' ll have the same look as in the demonstration! Prospective customers can enter your website from any machine, be it a desk -top computer, tray or smart phone, so we've made sure Bluebird works and looks good on all monitors and machines. Are you worried that you can't put up your Bluebird all by yourself?

Everything from installations to equipment, price charts, customer areas and more is documented on-line! By default, all portfolios have the same layout: The pictures shown in the demos are for demonstrational use only and are not part of the downloaded files. Replaces all pictures with picture mounts. Those pictures are the property of their legitimate owner. to see the full topic change report.

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