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Bloehost Website Builder

Are you planning to create your own website? See if BlueHost offers a website builder and see how it can help you create your dream website quickly and easily! Yes, Bluehost is a hosting service.

Sitebuilders Make Creating Websites Easy

Being a small company, Web sites are one of the most important ways for prospective clients to find you. How do you build a website? Now that' s where web builder comes in. Site Builder are utilities developed for non-technical end users who want to build a website. They' re conceived so that you don't need to know anything about HTML or CSS to use them!

Many different kinds of site building are available. While some are specifically engineered for blogging, others can be used for web sites, others can do both and even eCommerce with cart and more. While some Site Builder products are open sources, others use a free version (i.e. the base version is free, while extended functionality is released with an annuity or month fee), others are only available as paid products.

Better website builder includes a multitude of topics to give your website a uniquely look and feel. Your website will look and feels better than ever. They can be topics specifically for your business or the look and feeling of your company's corporate identity and corporate identity. Two great website builder ideas we at Bluehost enjoy are WordPress and Weebly.

WorldPress is a beloved open code publishing engine that can build anything from basic blogsites to full-featured, multi-page webpages. WordPress's greatest advantage is that it is very adaptable: there are innumerable temples and topics and is very expandable through many third-party plug-ins. The majority of plugins and presets are free, while some of the more sophisticated presets charge a one-time charge via preset vendors (such as Template Monitor or Theme Forest).

The Weebly Site Builder is another example. It''s the easiest way to build a website thanks to a high-performance web drag-and-drop interface that lets you simply build a website on one of your Bluehosts. This free edition is available by default to all Bluehost clients and contains all the key features most people need to build a fully operational website.

Premier versions add endless pages and some extended functions (e.g. a website content server, website passwords). Optional basket and eCommerce tool can be added to both versions. When you want to get a website up and running quickly and simply, website builder is the way to go.

Bluehost has you covered with WordPress, the Weebly Site Builder and innumerable other simple -click installers.

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