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Wordpress Boldy Theme

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In order to get the Boldy theme up and running, you first need to have a working WordPress installation, we suggest the latest one. In case you don't have WordPress already on your computer, here is a brief step-by-step guide on how to do it: Just click on the link below. When your WordPress is properly up and running, you can choose to have the Boldy theme uploaded in two ways:

I' M SORRY. FTP UPLOAD: Use an FTP program to transfer the exported topic directory to the /wp-admin/themes/hemes/ directory of your WordPress setup on the Microsoft Word servers. Wordprocess upload: If you are an administrator, go to Apperance -> Themes -> Install Themes -> Upgrade in your WordPress Dashboard and choose the ziped theme bundle. Now click on "Install now" and Boldy will be downloaded to your WordPress.

Next you have to enable this design for your WordPress. In order to do this, log in as administrator, go to Appereance -> Themes, search for Boldy and click on "Activate". The Boldy provides two user-defined menus: the home page menus and a bottom line menus. Here, in the side bar on the far right, you can insert user-defined hyperlinks or button icons of WordPress pages and folders.

Once you have made the correct settings on the right side of this page (you can set up multi-level top down menus by pulling the button a little to the right), make sure you are saving the top down button. In order to enable and view these on the live website, make sure in the side bar on the far right that the main navigation bar in the Theme Locations section has the top navigation and the bottom navigation links have the bottom navigation.

The Boldy has 2 areas where you can add widgets: the side bar and the bottom bar. In order to set up your design simply, go to Topic Option when you are signed in as an admin in your WordPress Dashboard. This is where you can download your own logotype. If no picture has been added as your wallpaper the text entered in this box will be used.

This is where you can load a picture containing a link to a page in your web page that is shown as a link symbol in your web page. When you enable Google Fonts and specify the correct Google Link and family of fonts, the headline fonts will be substituted with the user-defined ones. You can override Boldy's standard style sheet by typing your current style sheet in this text box.

When this option is enabled, a slide bar is shown on your homepage. You can fill the slide control by clicking Load New Item in Clider > Load New Item. Here the most important item is the picture you are uploading, so make sure it is 860px * 770px. Select Slider: You can select the Nivo slide for Boldy here.

Next options: Fader effect, speed and pause time are fader control choices, and you can toy with their preferences by following the instructions below to get the required one. You can enter all your contacts information to be shown on the contacts page.

If you fill in these boxes, activate the socio-button (... personal, page ) on the right side of the websiteader. Contents completed in this text box are shown on the bottom right of the page bottom. If you are creating the Contacts page, you need to configure the Contacts page preset (right side attribute bar) so that the Contacts page appears as previewed and the forms works.

This design comes with the WP miniature picture settings activated in the functions.php file. In this way, the setup of a miniature picture for the contribution can be edited in the contribution page. It is also possible to define an icon that you paste into your message as a miniature view of the message. So when you paste an existing picture, you will see an optional "Use as feature image".

In order to apply lightweightbox behavior to a hyperlink, simply rel= "prettyPhoto" to the picture of the hyperlink. The design contains +100 shortcuts and a shortcode panels.

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