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Would you like to sell books online? You can find many pages where you can offer your books for sale. best 15 places to buy online for cash (used, textbooks...


Going as far as getting the most cash for used book, I think personally that you are better off doing it on-line through book buyback sites. You have less overhead, so they usually have much more space when it comes to pay more for the same book. When it comes to selling a book on the web, eBay and Amazon are often the natural choice.

However, the fact that I'm not a big Amazon and eBay book enthusiast (when it comes to making money fast) is that you have to keep track of your book and waiting and hoping shoppers will see it. There' a lot of sites where they buy the ledgers directly from you.

Just tell them the name of your book, they'll give you a prize, and if you approve, they'll buy it. The majority of the websites on this page are the kind of book buy-back websites to which you can directly resell your book. Just type in the IBSN of the book, then BookScouter will search over 40 different buyers' pages to find the ones that are paying the highest amount for your book.

You are particularly known for the nature of the textbook transaction. Rather than create a market place to make your used book available to prospective purchasers, they will buy it directly from you. You' re not just buying a book. In order to find out whether your book fulfils the requirements, just fill in the IBSN of the book in the appropriate field and press return.

When you like the quote and you want to resell it at their own cost, they will mail you a stamped mailing tag with which you can mail the book to them. As soon as they have received the book, they will verify it and, if it is authorized, they will pay you by PayPal or by cheque, according to your wishes.

It works similar to a Cash4Book. Type in the ISBN and receive an immediate offer. You also have a number of standard for the type of book you buy. These are the kind of ledgers they don't buy: You also buy schoolbooks, except the following kind: {\pos (192,210)}What I like about this is the bulk ISBN options.

When you have a large number of titles, it can be boring to type in an ISBN, click Enter, get a prize, and then go through the whole thing again and again for each book. Using the BUY ISBN options, you can type as many ISBNs as you want and receive an immediate quotation for each one.

You also have applications that make it incredibly simple to resell your work. It has been around since 1971 (as Powell's City of Books). The difference between these and most other sites is that they also have physically located sites. In this way you can resell your book through a bookshop.

However, they buy almost every book on-line as long as it fulfils their requirements. You will also receive an immediate offer after you have entered the ISBN. One more page that makes it incredibly simple to resell your course materials or any other type of book. It works quite similar to most of the other locations listed here.

In each case you can input 10 ISBNs. When you like the offer, they will mail you a stamped mailing tag so you can mail the book to them free of charge. eCampus works a bit differently than the remainder of the here listed, since the ones they want may have fonts on the margin, highlights and other markers.

Again, all it needs is to enter the ISBN, receive an immediate offer and take it over from there. However, if you want to directly resell to college kids and don't care about waiting and headaches, you can resell through their market place. Although, I would suggest going through the market place only if you have many textbooks as they take 15% commission on every sell.

Founded in 1999, Bookbyte focuses mainly on assisting student purchase, sales and rental of books. Everything you need is either the book titles or the ISBN. Type one of the two in the find box "Sell" to get an immediate quote. Once you are satisfied with the prices, click on "Continue sale" and finish the game.

Again very similar to other pages, where you just type the ISBN number, the name of the writer or the book, get a prize, get a mailing tag printed, submit the book, get payed. You know, book values go up and down like mad. However, once they give you an offer, it will remain the same for 30 trading day, no difference how much lower (or higher) the cost is.

Though Amazon is the largest and best-known site for selling all types of book, I think you get a lot less for your book than other sites on this page. This may give you a much better opportunity to sell your book more quickly than anywhere else. Even though as a rule you can sell your book for less money, this is Amazon.

It wouldn't do any harm to have your book listed there. It is a general principle that I would only want to publish new editions of Amazon albums. Half. com is eBay's other page for book. It is another trading site that can be a great place to buy your book because of its huge prospective buyers area.

It is difficult to find purchasers for used book. There comes a goddamn age when you're just sick of selling that book. This is the place where you can buy your book for this period. Like these book purchase sites, Blue Rectangle is already mentionned, but with even more versatility.

You' still gonna have to make sure they even want your book. A further website that purchases directly from you is CKY Book. They offer a wide variety of products, from fictitious to non-fictitious, ecclesiastical and textbook to self-help guides, traveller's guides and much more. Here you can also buy films, toys and DVD's.

The website is intended for book lovers who wish to trade their book. Listing your book you are willing to trade and waiting for an interested purchaser. Once you have sent this particular book to this purchaser, you will receive a voucher. They can use the loan you have made to get a free book from other vendors.

This website has a history of purchasing used course materials for the past 10 years. Besides used course manuals, they also buy new course manuals at reduced rates. Do you have any cartoon comics you want to do? Sale on Craigslist of cartoonists! A great cartoon book available since 1998.

Presented on countless pages. It is one of those sites where you can buy a few bucks of books valued at a hundred and even a thousand bucks. You can see there are many places where you can buy a book. For my part, I like to use sites like BookScouter because you can quickly get the best value out of tonnes of book buy-back sites.

Amazon, and other similar websites also take part in certain sceneries. Please enter a note below if there is another page where you would like to advertise your book and I will include it in the listing.

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