Book Selling website Template

Booksale Website Template

Thirteen Modern Responsive Website Templates for Selling Booklets Just make a great book, and of course the next thing you have to do is really selling your book? One important fact is that "book shoppers still buy with their eyes," said Joanna Penn. Therefore, a professionally designed look for your book sale page is a must. You should have a good book jacket and a good layout that makes you look more believable, and you should be able to explore both functions and advantages, but be more focused on your book advantages and add evidence and more.

Fortunately, many web devolopers today have created website templates designed specifically for book writers, as well as an integrated billing payment gateway to handle safe transactions from PayPal, debit card and others. Here we have put together the best website layouts to help you sell your book very easily and elegantly.

Sell a fully reactive e-book or book, or Landing Page Worpress themed book with a minimum, stylish but uniquely shallow styling in limitless colour scheme. The FlatBook E-book Selling WorPress Thread is perfect for any company or person who wants to present their e-book, book or any type of publication with a neat On-Page Landing Page in a clever, eye-catching way.

It is a neat, fast-response WooCommerce-based WordPress shopping topic that can be used for bookstores, libraries, bookstores, consumer electronics, e-books, applications, or to build partner pages linked to businesses such as Amazon and B&N. Developed for both e-book writers and publishers, Bookish brings together everything you need to make your book known quickly!

It' a neat WordPress topic for bookmakers, e-bookmakers, marketing specialists, digitizers or similar sites that need a feature-rich yet attractive web experience. eBookie is a bookland page. It' great for selling your e-books as well as your genuine print work. Use it to do more writing about the book you are selling, use it to advertise other works you are selling, or simply use it as a reviews platform for other works like yours.

Athority is a neat landing page, perfectly suited for selling your e-books. It' developed to display all the functions of your e-book on one page, so your clients don't have to search for it. Created with a touch of sobriety, a touch of minimalism and a touch of style, Webbie is a subject that lets you create, present and market your e-book on MS Wordpress effortlessly.

A fast-reacting WordPress topic developed for e-book writers and publishers, Brown has everything you need to quickly build a fantastic destination page for your products. Developed for both e-book writers and publishers, Off the Shelf brings together everything you need to make your products known quickly! The Simplify is a response page for selling your book or application with an attractive and contemporary look!

Minimum is a premium business and marketing page to land your book, software, e-book or app for sale. The Ebook is a fast reacting shipping page relying on boatstrap, this redesign is one of a kind, inventive and simple to use, Ebook is for e-book writers and publishers who like to present their products in a timely and targeted way.

The SellBook is a template for selling your book that comes with a very stylish, reactive template, a stylish look, a neat template, an sleek colour and a host of functions. This is a fully reactive and perfectly designed page template that will help you promote your e-book in a nice and stylish way. And if you have any other great designs, don't hesistate to tell us in the comments below.

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