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Are you having trouble finding a topic for this year's Jahrbuch? Here are a few hundred things that could help you find the right corner. For a more detailled guide, please feel free to browse our eBook "The Big Book of Thought Ideas " and begin your topic-based brainstorming. We have purple in our hands, look at us!

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I have been dividing my browsing habit on this page for some years now. I wanted to do a little more diverse work last year, but I blew it. If I am hip-deep in my own typing project, I am picking things that are trusted and don't require much from me, and I have been deeply involved in the project all year.

Consequently, in 2017 I started rereading many suspense stories and the like, which watered down my effort to reread more diversity. I have two topics to discuss this year. It' s mid-July, and I have just under fifty things to look at - fiction, stories, essays, children's literature, graphics - and I thought it would be great to see how I have spent this year this year.

In order to hone this topic a little, I didn't even allow myself to keep a book most of the year if it wasn't authored by a female, a colour gate or a gender/non-binary writer. From the 48 tracks on my previous read list, 10 were created by non-POC males.

However, out of the other 38, I noted a tendency towards women writing whites; for example, I saw several works by Laura Lippman and Hannah Pittard, two of whom I found this year. I' m not good enough to be here in general terms. I added this topic in the middle of the year when I was considering a proposal that I hopefully will start later in 2018.

I have read novels that deal with the work place as the main location, as well as anything that could be qualified as a mailbox (e.g. a book that has been published as a set of correspondence, journals, articles, blog posts, journals, etc.). Quickly I realized that the second topic was in conflict with the first topic.

Letter and/or job directories are not a wide alcove at first, and there are a large number of directories in this room that have been composed by people. Sloan Wilson's The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit and Douglas Coupland's Microserfs are pretty well known songs that go well with this room. I tried to transfer my first topic to the second, which brought me to letter novel such as Alice Walker's The Color Purple or Rachel Khong's recently published Goodbye, Vitamins or classical mid-century workbacks such as Mary McCarthy's The Group.

At the moment I'm studying Rebecca Harrington's Sociable, which falls on both topics. Usually I look back on the December annual readings, but there were so many great readings this year that I had to divide some of them here. In general, when I finish a book, I like to give it to a local librarian or exchange it with Powell for something new.

However, when I really like a book, it stays with me, on my bookshelves at home, where I will always be reading it. Maybe I could have reread it twice since then. One of my favourite books of the last ten years, this tells a beautiful, intricate tale about Ifemelu and Obinze, their life beyond their native Nigeria and what it means to find a place for yourself in a new place.

Composed in journal form, for one and the other, although it is a tricky subject - the demise of one of the parents - it does so with charm and humour. I would have reread two or three hundred more pages of this history. When we searched this book one night in Powell's book, my woman discovered this book and pointed it out to me.

"That looks like exactly your kind of book," she said, and a year later, when I started working my way through my list of readers to her, I realised how right she was. It'?s just a nice tale. For me, collecting stories is usually hit-or-miss - I guess that probably applies to everyone, but I often try to ignore them as a outcome - but Lesley Nneka Arimah's d├ębut compilation was a miracle from start to finish.

An almost impeccable book. This book is a compilation of small moment and observation along the way; it is common and at the same time nice. Obviously, these are not the only five unforgettable novels I have been reading this year. There' just too many great titles in the whole wide open book scene. Reading a hundred this year, I would still never make up for all the things I want to do - and next year more will be added to this stack.

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