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The Bookish eBook combines everything you need to get your eBook noticed quickly. The Bookish was developed with ebook authors and marketing specialists in mind. The theme has everything you need to make your product known to a wide audience quickly and easily.

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Having further reviewed the feedback I should have made before, I see all our problems with the installation of the demonstration pages, and CrunchPress says that there is either nothing incorrect with the demonstration contents or simply submits a tick. Please send me a reimbursement for the acquisition of another theme or help/support as needed to get my theme up and running. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Worldpress is not difficult and should not be a Worldpress theme either, I've never had any other problems with a Worldpress theme like this before, it's just a push of a buttons to get your demos up and running. It gives me a migraine and I'm so angry that I spent both my free and my own budget, I've had several WP topics set up and used, but I just can't get this theme properly set up.

Wrong file and several bugs all the while, with plugs and themes. Once the installation is complete, the installation manual does not work and important information and images are lacking. There should be docs to make the site look like the demonstration, but not pass. The Bookish theme even ruins the look of the administrator dashboard.....really?

Quality of documentation - see our client service. Miscellaneous - Most terrible subject I've ever seen..... Yes... because this buying is rather a burden... I hopes to spare you the effort.... DON'T BUY THIS SUBJECT. Buying a large number of Envato designs I never had any problem with the last 10 WP designs I purchased before this BOOKISH WP TEMPLATE.

KEEP AWAY FROM THIS VENDOR AS HE/SHE HAS NO TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE OR DOCUMENTARY ON THIS SUBJECT. As in the demonstration or screen shots, I did install the template, but could never find it. However, for my needs (ability to customize without fully depending on code) this was not the issue for me. Since then, have bought another subject and the gap could not be bigger.

I am a relatively newcomer, but I love the new theme - which only underlines how hard it is to use. When you want a design that allows you to adapt it to your needs. When you need assistance to help you try to adapt your design.

A very bad client base and for a subject that looks like it has a great deal to like. It' s a nice subject - just the thing for my next album. CAUTION: DON'T BUY THIS TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!! It'?s the absolutely baddest subject I ever worked with.

Lots of Bugs & Mistakes came with the standard Bookish theme, which makes it very different from the normal Bookish Theme. You can call me mad, but I could have created my own customized design from the ground up in the same amount of space I needed to create a good-looking website from that one.

It'?s not much use. IT' ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO UPLOAD THE TOPIC PROPERLY. My choice of "others" is because everything from everything from doc (horrible English and no detail where it could be easier), to everything from usability (if you don't know the source tree, it won't work for you), to what is promoted as a very adaptable topic, is not user-friendly at all.

Although it looks "nice" on the market place, I wouldn't suggest this topic to anyone.

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