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The BEBO is designed to help you sell e-books online with WordPress. The Papirus is a flexible and versatile topic, but also one that is particularly suitable for creating a bookseller's website with WordPress. DigiSeller is a pretty cool theme for selling e-books with free sample downloads.

The best bookstore WordPress themes for the sale of 2018 novels

The BEBO is designed to help you selling e-books on-line with WordPress. Since the BEBO theme contains the Revolution Slider plug-in, the presentation of your eBooks in a slide show merry-go-round is very simple. If you make the most of this function, you can bring out your new publications or the most beloved book in your on-line shop.

Additionally to the slide control utilities you can use the Visual Composer Page Builder utility - another plug-in in the theme pack - to create your own layout for your articles and pages. This layout allows you to do much more with WordPress than would otherwise be possible.

Ultimately, the end results could be some really one-of-a-kind page layout and design that can really help advertise the eBooks you sell from your WordPress website. It gives you a great way to increase the believability of your on-line shop and emphasize some of the favorite titles available in your shop by posting readership ratings.

BEBO's e-commerce capabilities allow your clients to place articles on their wish lists, sign up for your newsletters and order directly from your shop. The BEBO is a versatile theme that gives you many choices on how to create the WordPress website that will help you resell your eBooks in 2016.

PaperPiruses is a versatile and versatile topic, but also one that is particularly suitable for the creation of a bookseller's website with WordPress. In order to make sure that you get the most out of both environments, by selecting this theme you can let Papirus take over the theme of your website theme and UI, while using the free WooCommerce suggested utility kit to take advantage of the on-line shop features required for selling articles with WordPress.

Since Papirus was only recently published, it offers you a good chance to take up a topic that has not yet been strained by WordPress people. Due to the fact that this design contains the stunning Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in, the odds for any two websites using this design are very slim.

Papirus' choice means not only that you save the costs of purchasing the $40 Visual Composer plug-in, but also that you can build endless page layout for your contributions, pages and product, while at the same time having the option to process your contents inline at the front end of your website. This bookstore theme comes with a number of interesting page layout templates designed by the developer using the Page Builder plug-in to help you get up and running, giving you many choices about what your homepage and other parts of your website will look like and what functions they will include.

But with the Pagebuilder tool provided, it' s easy to edit the template, and create your own template from the ground up is just a few mouse clicks away. No matter whether you are designing a website to advertise an off-line bookstore, or whether you are designing an on-line bookstore that sells products over the web, Papirus and its integrated WooCommerce Storebuilder plug-in make it a good option.

Further remarkable highlights are the inclusion of the Premier Revolution Slider and Mega Menu plugins, a fully reactive interface and a variety of mail delivery options to help you deliver all your media, each with its own style and sizing. PNAPIRUS is a WordPress storebuilder theme that can be used to sell many different kind of products, with a great tendency to build an on-line bookstore.

The Bookie is developed to help you create a WordPress-based e-commerce storefront that encourages and markets e-books. With Bookie's assistance for WooCommerce, the premier plug-in for on-line storefront builders, you'll have no problems maintaining your stock, posting appealing products, and perhaps most valuable of all, making sure your clients collect it. Bookie WordPress theme contains some beautifully crafted page layouts that will help give your e-book stores a professionally look.

These include not only the site pages for your shop, but also the three home page pages you can select from, and the offered site pages for various blogs. Posting your review books on your website is also simple, thanks to the appropriate page style sheet. Whilst the pre-configured presets should suit your needs, thanks to the integration of the Visual Composer plug-in, you can change them or build them from the ground up.

Whilst much thought has been put into the look of this theme, your eBook website can also have a user-friendly surface when you select Bookie. Bookie's menu and organisational functions allow you to easily browse your website and help your users see what you have to say and find what they are looking for.

When you want to build an on-line shop for the sale of print products and eBooks, the Bookie theme contains all the functions you need. The RaakBookoo is another bookstore building theme for WordPress that is integrated into the free WooCommerce eCommerce toolskit, which provides the necessary functions of the shop.

Designing the theme is suitable for many literature uses. Among these possible uses are the advertising of a publisher, the creation of an offical website for an autor, the construction of the launching site for a new book and of course the construction of an on-line bookstore. In addition to its clear, contemporary and classy look, RaakBookoo from Tokokoo themed contains many useful functions that will help your website become a hit.

This includes a set of user-defined Widgets to create your own feature-rich page layout, a template for a useful choice of different mail format, and an easy-to-use Theme Option panel to customize and configure your website. Are you looking for a classy design to create a literally oriented website with WordPress? The RaakBookoo design of Tokokoo topics should be at the top of your shortlist.

The Book Shop was developed to make it as simple as possible to build a great-looking on-line shop that will sell your book and related articles. The eCommerce theme is suitable both for the sale of tangible goods and for providing a range of downloadable services such as electronic publications and other types of digitised wares.

If you don't sell the product yourself and only promote it as a partner, then the Book Store WordPress Theme is a good option as it offers the possibility to present the product in a easy but attractive way. It' s a fully reactive topic, so your bookstore can be accessed just as easily by your mobile reader as at home or at work.

As you set up your website, you can select from an infinite range of colors to make sure the shop has exactly the right color theme to fit your brands visions. WooCommerce is the plug-in of your choosing for addition of eCommerce features to your WordPress install. WooCommerce is a highly appreciated application that can be expanded with the myriad of available add-ons.

Additional functions of this theme allow you to present specific writers or highlight articles as best sellers, build multi-layout collections, and add a variety of page content using the shortcuts provided. Anyone who builds an on-line shop with WordPress should not overlook the subject of bookstores because of its abundance of functions and user-friendliness, regardless of whether you stock literature or not.

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