Bootstrap App Theme

Boatstrap App Theme

The Pratt is a clean landing page template for your app or startup. Over Bootstrap The Bootstrap is made to help humans of all abilities - designers or developers, giant nerds or beginners. In contrast to other frontend tools, Bootstrap was primarily conceived as a style guide to help users keep track of not only its functionality, but also best practice and vivid, encoded samples. Developed to provide new HTML5 element and synthetic functionality with progressive improved component enhancements.

The Bootstrap is testet and supports the common web browser like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The Bootstrap provides an unprecedented selection of functions and re-usable parts to get you started right away:

ApUI - Web App Bootstrap Admin Template by pixelscave

The AppUI is a fully reactive and fully functional web app and admin template based on the Bootstrap platform. The AppUI is a high quality, highly customizable and customizable Bootstrap Admin Web App template that lets you create all kinds of create projects: Admin Dashboards, CMS, CRM or even a user-defined website.

It is recommended that you take a look at the LifeTest and explore all the functions it contains! see below! I bought both this and the earlier UI ProUI for an in-house job I'm working on, and I couldn't be more happy. Already I was satisfied with the ProUI, and since I had made many adjustments, I had come back to see what they might have upgraded, and when I found their new AppUI app I was excited.

I' d suggest that you try both (ProUI and AppUI). 4.7.0 (4.6.3) - 41 new symbols! 4.6.3 (4.5.0) - 30 new symbols! 4.5.0 (4.4.0) - 20 new symbols! 4.4.0 4.3.0 4.3.0 FontAwesome 4.4.0 - 66 new symbols! You will find 5 attractive e-mail template packages that go with AppUI! in the bundle.

1525 unique font icons inclusive! Even though the submission is well annotated and fully documentation, you may need further help, so don't hesitate to get in touch using the online help section of our website. Due to your licence all pictures are contained in the pattern! The avatars are only available in the online demonstration. creates random usernames. Name used in the templates are fictitious and used for demonstration use.

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