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The Boxed WP is a clean, minimal and responsive WordPress theme with a box design. A collection with the free and high-quality box layout WordPress Themes. Get high-quality WordPress themes with box layout functionality. The Boxed is a very stylish, responsive portfolio WordPress theme that is perfect for photographers and designers with a full-screen background slider. Oneline Lite's One Page Boxed is a children's theme.

Best 15+ Boxed Layout WordPress Themes - Premium WordPress Themes, Plugins & Tutorials

Only another breathtaking compilation of astonishing WordPress themes! Versatile, packed with high-performance demonstrations and functions, these themes usually have one thing in common: the power to create a nice and professionally designed box out. You can also find most of these topics on 55+ Best WordPress Themes articles.

Foil theming is the new way of creation with WordPress. It will all be changed in seconds and you will experience it firsthand. Foil Topic is now the first Wordpress Topic that gives you the notion of using Photoshop when building with it. There comes with drag-and-drop items and blanks, In-line text editing, live changes, side-by-side communications, pre-defined items and contents sets, collaborative builders, real-time headers builders, real-time layouts changes, new cutting-edge set-up wizards install, enhanced features, faster animation, enhanced coding, annotated videotutorials, lightboxes, audio-boxes, audio-boxes, Apple real-time photos, en-vato toolkits, WPML, unplayed pictures, plain text, gallery justifications, advanced image editing, advanced graphics, advanced graphics, advanced graphics, advanced graphics, advanced graphics, advanced graphics, advanced graphics, advanced graphics, WPML, SEO, unplayed pictures, and more.

The Apple live photograph now contained in a topic, color transitions superimpose color wallpapers, vindicate art Galleries, photofilters based on instagra, fade backs, messages about blogs posts pictures, web page creators, headers creators. WooCommerce WordPress offers different page designs. You can also use it with box-out.

It' simple to modify the layouts in Customizer Panel. Modify the layouts and follow the changes in real time. Not only is June a WooCommerce WordPress brand, it is also an on-line store building tool. It' s easier than any other WooCommerce topic to create an element bloc with just one click and modify headers and footers with just one click.

Eighty-five PSDs show the diversity and choices included in June. Built on in-depth research, the best-in-class user interface is ideally suited for everything from small stores to complex marketplaces. The Averon is the latest box design topic that has been released on Themeforest. It is a neat WordPress themes, perfectly for doing bussinesites.

The design is basing on the options Wp Bakery Visual Composer and Redux theming. It is a rugged design with many functions and easy operation. A further bonus seems to be the prize, which is extremely low for a big topic like this. Oh yes, the subject is written by an elite writer.

Special is an intelligent and imaginative, large and dependable, sleek and contemporary, streamlined as well as sophisticated, appealing as well as highly sophisticated, seemless as well as dynamic, intersecting and technically advanced, diverse and easily customizable, infinitely powerful and infamous WordPress Web Site Publishing and Multi-Purpose Web Site Impression.

This is a pixel-ideal, fanciful multi-purpose WordPress topic on the basis of Visual Composer with a great interest in information, variety and even power. We' ll also introduce the creativity page, with over 5 demonstrations showing you what kind of blogs you can make with Specialular. Here we mention Specialular because it is equipped with more than 7 ready-made box-layout, minimum and store-layout, messages and buisness demonstrations.

Photographer, designer, freelancer, architect, online shop or anyone else who wants to present their work in a beautiful and original way, Onero is the subject you have been up for. Functions/Plugins: Full Screen Silent, Site Width Controls, Full Screen Silent, Full Screen Silent, Full Screen Width Controls, Full Screen Section, Animation, Live Customization, Interactive Slide, Advanced Slide, WPML, CSS3 Animation, Children's Topic, Advanced Slide, Gentle Scrolling, Advanced Web Interface, Advanced Web Sliders, Advanced Slide Controls, Advanced Slide Controls, Advanced Slide Controls, Advanced Slide Controls, Ajax Page Transitions, Dedicated Support Team, Video Tutorials.

The latest WordPress innovation on the web is WordPress Creativity Suite Sherlock. You' re free to select from 170 page layouts with thousands of customisation choices and imaginative style choices. Each page is easy to customize with endless choices offered in the extended Topic Option Panel. You will also receive many additional plug-ins with the topic pack.

It comes with a variety of options: reducx skeleton frameworks, install installer assistant, layerslider, visual stylestyle editors, blocksuilder, mailcjimp, voocommerce, WPML, customized Widgets, many shortcuts, color plugins, color matching, animation, SEO. Towers WordPress Business-Driven Multi-Purpose Thread was developed with the needs of businesses in view.

Therefore, we are offering a topic that is designed for top performance in terms of performance in terms of style, pace and market. Agency, Business, Minimal, Portfolio with these category you don't have to buy a Wordpress topic anymore because every website is contained in this package. Towers its fully reactive WordPress topic, so you get a high rankings on Google and other popular search engine.

Parallax, Ayax and Query Animation and Page Loaders, WPML, SO E, Woocommerce, Movie Tutors, Enhanced Docs, User Defined Tabs, Smart Bars, Smart Bars and Mail Type, Infinite Colour Varies, High Performance Administrator Panels, High Performance Bootstrap Creation, Accountability, High Performance, CCS3, Full Screen Customizing, Full Screen Innovation Section, Multi-Media Background Section, are just a few of them. Unbelievably beautiful, extraordinarily visual breathtaking as well as uniquely, finely balanced and also demanding, graphic smooth and also progressive, very efficient, reactive, innovating design, a specific design that actually consists of over 28 prefabricated demonstrations to fulfill every kings of specific website visualization.

Designed with a look that is easy and neat, what could be more inventive and imaginative than the ease itself! It' a pixel-excelled, multi-purpose, WordPress creativity topic built on Visual Composer, with a grandiose emphasis on detail, flexibility, and effectiveness, await the others.

Using the advanced setup wizard, you can easily add themes and demos, plus faders and plug-ins, with just one click! It' s also possible to create unbelievable full frame parts and pages through the perfectly designed texture and encoding. Employs bright and deep footers, double sidebars, parentallax and hyper effect, animation, text effect, many widgets and shortcuts, symbols, drag und drop frontted builders, WPML support, setup wizard innovation, high power setup, RTL speeds, woocommerce, audio commerce, mailchimp, voice guidance, audio visual tricks, transitions, custom ElleThemes slide controls.

Maybe you should have a look at the reviews we did for The Simplme, here. Completely reactive, this topic is available for HTML5, CSS3, and it can be used to enhance the pages of creatives, professional photography, music, blogs, studio, or freelancers. Featuring unlimited colored skin, multiple blogs, species supported, more than 600 Google fonts, a library of more than 350 notable font-style icons, and a quick article viewer, the Topic Map is a great place to start.

There is a reactive design that works and fits seamlessly into various utilities. It' s totally reactive and has amazing topic functions. Boxer comes with a box lay-out and provides the ability to create full-screen pictures for pages, contributions and project, either globally or individually.

Boxer comes with a bright and a black colored paint and tonnes of style and lay-out choices that make your website look professionally and easily created. Foundry Theme Option makes it simple for you to manage every facet of your website, from logo, color, font, to various page adjustments and more.

It' s functionality allows you to create a website appropriate for your company, your company profile, your website, your website, your website, your blog, your website, your website, your magazine, your e-commerce and more. Cherry News Magazin Zeitung Topic is nicely crafted with great search engine layout and completely user-friendly lay-out styles. The design includes a highly reactive lay-out, drag-and-drop builders, a customized broadget, browscrumb options, right, left, right, and password-protected side bar options in articles, page breaks, and 16 backgrounds.

When you' re trying to find a much more modern and even marginally appealing look, choose the standard full width look, or if you want to have background behind your main web contents (a much more classic blog/magazine look), choose the packaged one. New Cherry is definitely a really simple to use site that offers a wide range of topics to suit any type of blogsite or periodical, while the ability to customize each item to your individual needs offers real versatility.

Motifs is a multi-purpose topic that is well suited for commercial websites, weblogs, information pages, on-line stores and also for practically any type of website with the appropriate optimizations. There is a white Topic Option pane that lets you change your headers style, story, favicon, fonts, and more.

Comprises 4+ demonstrations to present the box layouts in commercial and investment demonstrations. Contains a custom slide control, fully personalised page heads, a super menus, multi-media transparencies, videos background, lives customiser, fix or gooey page heads, different logos for page heads, a content/section menus for developing one-page web pages, interactivity features, 12 different blogs sizes, research, advanced search, advanced search, performance optimisation, friendly assistance.

It is a much enhanced, esthetically contemporary, refreshing and easily navigationable, cutting-edge and reductive, page-reactive HTML5 CSS3 multi-page theming. With an intelligent and powerfull option control Panel, you can select the ideal color system for your website, change the headers, change the historical styles and publish your own favorite icon and logos.

The design comes with more than 290 backgrounds that can be used for box layouts, 20 design skin, innumerable item sizes, filterable portfolios, 6 mail sizes supported, great speed dialer and more. They pride themselves on their highly reactive design styles, which are suitable for all types of equipment, clear graphic design, and look great on retinal displays.

It' s powerfull Topic Option panel makes it easy for you to customize all the possible options/features of the topic, and it has over 600 Google typefaces with hundred of fantastic symbols with 10 different size and 2 different style settings. The Boombox is a multifunctional virtual topic with an eye-catching look and highly customizable layouts, packed with virtual and unique content.

There are also personalised socially shared icons in this topic so your clients can easily access your material directly from your website. It' an interesting lay-out that can be a great topic for blogs as well as virtual messaging sites. And it comes with unique functions and choices, different kinds of headings, page breaks, different posting styles, endless scrolling, gooey sharebox, customized community wideget, fully supported 7 Contactsheet, tonnes of Google scripts, or full width boxes and it's reactive.

There is a special offer for this topic: the post-ranking system. Are you trying to find a fantastic looking magazinestyle lay-out? Here's one for you, Motive Magazines is a contemporary, beautiful WordPress topic that's completely free to use. It' a very adaptable design with countless color variations, a translation-ready kernel and a page creator that drags and drops.

Designed to be very simple to use and much simpler to customise, with innovation such as fast responding displays, lightboxes, ratings, off-set post ings, RTl, etc., the topic is also designed to be simple to use and use. Of course, you're still polite to set up the key topic to make it the way you want it, but these magazines might help spare you a lot of trouble and work.

Veneno VG is a multi-purpose WordPress topic that can be used to build any kind of website. Comes with 3 layout for eCommerce, 1 layout for Enterprise and with 3 box layout styles. If you are planning on getting to know this topic a little better, the topic offers first-class free assistance.

Provides an easy, multi-faceted and robust platform for developing a notable e-commerce or online presence. The VG Veneno topic is built on the Visual Composer, developed with a great deal of emphasis on information, diversity and effectiveness. Certainly mobiles will appreciate your web contents as well, because this topic is absolutely fast reacting and retina-suitable.

The topic also includes many plug-ins and features like: Revolution sliders, vg posts carousel, vg wooc carousel, super headers, kid topic, kids wish lists and PSDs. Vania's completely reactive styling guarantees that your website will look as breathtaking on large screens as it does on tablets and even intelligent appliances.

Extraordinary advanced themes options panel allows you to set up your website and also publish your own blogs and brief article in just a few moments. This is the flawless redesign for Wordpress blogs and newsgroups. The design comes with a number of themes that can be changed, including 3 navigational themes for postings, 3 retinal button style bars, full width templates for pages and postings, full width box and layouts, dropdown cap, feature post, custom widgets, and more.

The Clockwork WP is a highly reactive multi-purpose topic that provides a well-structured look and feel to build hundred of websites, especially corporate one. Topic radio buttons are a snap, and the arrange assistant actually makes it simple to get your website without having to click your way through many different options.

There is a barrel of highly diverse, full-fledged demonstration pages that you can explore, and it features classical laysouts, box sizes, fast-reacting designs, bright and dim styling, limitless slider controls, many blogstills, portfolios of filters or pages, 10 predefined colour themes with extra colour choices, full-screen lays and much more. It' s a highly personalised and highly user-friendly style, equipped with a multitude of high-performance utilities as well as a multitude of HTML5 page presets, pre-configured for maximal performance and fully compatible with the required lay-out profiles of well-structured commercial, industrial and even company web pages, with excellent management of medium contents and state-of-the-art programming.

Clocwork WP is a good option if you are looking for a WordPress topic for your corporate work. If you' re looking for the best themes that Visual Composer uses, you can take a look at this selection of Best Themes:

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