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Check out Brandstudio press location, sales, industry and description. It compares reviews between critics of comic books published by Brandstudio Press. Cartoon works by Brandstudio Press Wolverine #1 Return eBay Neal Adams Variant, only available on eBay, $5.99 with free shipment. Testimonials Our clients have some great things to say about us: Testimonials Email Address Book Subscribe to our email address book for updates and leads.

We have been distributing comic books since 1961 (our first sale: Fantastic Four #1 for $0.25, see one of our first ads) and since 1996 on the Internet.

1996 - 2018 Lone Star Comics Inc. Characters are copyrighted by their owner ©.


Founded in L.A., we are a fellowship of designer, maker, artist and designer who now has studios around the globe. We began our work by building trademarks for icon artist with worldwide outreach. So we asked what a talented gift shop could look like. What can we do to turn a marketing company into a resource for idea, a room of creation and then a creative office that nurtures cultural trademarks?

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NEW YORK, May 31, 2017 - The New York Times Company today announces that T. Brands Studio, its global fire media branding company, is to expand to Hong Kong to service new and current customers in the Asia Pacific area. TRAKTON' Hong Kong based editorial staff will include media professionals, production specialists, editorial staff and design professionals who act as the key professionals that TRAKTON Studio believes are vital to the design and creation of media branding products.

Hong Kong T Brand Studio is managed by the London based T Brand Studio Industry Manager Raquel Bubar. Founded in 2015, T Brand Studio has received a number of prestigious industry accolades for our trademarked editorial services and has expanded to more than 20 members in three global teams.

T Brand Hong Kong new settings include: Contents strategy expert Reno Ong. Mr. Ong was previously a director of digital strategy within #legend, a luxurious Hong Kong-based life style print start-up. At TIME he was also responsible for the homepage and the public. Ms. Lim joined T Brand Studios from Singapore Press Holdings, where she worked as an Executionducer at T Brand Studio's brand-new editorial team.

Mr. Li was last assistant office manager at Monocle and has been working as a free-lance author for T Brand Studio in Asia for two years. Helped write paid post programmes for Minh Long and Hong Kong Tourism Board. Hongkong extension is the latest milestone in a string of T Brand Studio landmarks as it grows to continue to meet industry demands.

She founded a Paris-based company in 2016 and took over the interactive advertising company HelloSociety and the Fake Love event management group. T Brand Studio Hong Kong's appointment as designers is still open. You are looking for someone who is based in Hong Kong and has UX, graphics and web designing expertise.

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