lord Braska | Finales Fantasy Wiki I' m honoured that you feel so strongly about me, Auron. And I will conquer sin and raise the vail of grief that covers Spira. High- Summoner Braska, also known as Lord Braska or just Braska, is a non-player figure from Final Fantasy X. He is Yuna's dad, Cid's brother-in-law and Rikku and brother's oncle.

Braska became a high invocator by conquering sins ten years before the Final Fantasy X event. At the ages of 35,[2] Braska was a great man who probably had black fur and black blue eye, of which Yuna came into her black eyed. The Braska is wearing an extravagant jewellery which is reminiscent of Arabic headdresses or protection from the sands.

He was a friendly, happy person who wanted peaceful union and was willing to give his whole being for the sake of the globalization. His only regret was that she was rejected by her sister Cid, that she was avoided by the other Al Bhed next to the remainder of Spira who did not like Al Bhed; and that her daugther was ignored by Yevonites and Al Bhed as well.

Although he had agreed that he would be killed after the last summon, Braska took care of his guards, Auron and Jecht, his best mates. He was a friar of Bevelle who was visiting the Al Bhed in the hope of promoting relationships with them and the Yevonites. As Yevon uncovered the racial mixture, Braska was expelled from the church, and his woman was expelled by Cid, although tension on both sides diminished after Yuna's childbirth.

At the age of four, Yuna's mom travelled to Bikanel to maintain relations with her extended household, but her boat was under attack from sins and she was murdered. It was Braska who decided to become a conjurer and conquer sins in order to prevent all others from experiencing like him. Because of his election of wife and half-breed daugther, the clergy of Bevelle and many other Yevonites saw down on him and did not believe that he could end the journey.

Auron and Jecht were chosen by Braska as his custodians because they were also detained in a similar way. Braska walked out of a videosphere for Yuna on the hillsides of Mount Gagazet and let her know that he would be proud of whatever way she had chosen for her future. By the end of his journey, Braska learnt that the Aeon Finale was made possible by the sacrifice of one of his guards to be transformed into a Faith.

Jecht did not want to decide, but Jecht did insist on becoming Braskas Finals Aeon. Brazka asked Auron to guard Yuna and wanted her fortune to be peace able and prosperous because he would not be there, and Jecht asked him to do the same for his Tidus-baby. When Braska had given his last breath for the last incantation, his mind went down into the Farplane and a sculpture of him was placed in each of the Yevon temples in Spira, although during the happenings of Fantasy X a friar in the group's Besaid template told that it took more than ten years for the Braska monastery to be given a Braska sculpture after its ascension as a high incantor.

Deciding to step into her father's shoes to become a conjurer and defeat sins, Yuna experiences a spectral view of him on the Farplane as he travels through Guadosalam. It finds the film sets that Braska abandoned during his journey. As she arrives at Yunalesca in Zanarkand Dome and finds out that one of her guards must be made a dead end for the final eon year, she repudiates the ritual.

He tries to convince Yuna by saying that Braska liked to sacrifice a guard next to him to give Spira a brief breather from sins, but Yuna doesn't agree when he says that Braska wanted to liberate Spira, didn't want to continue his menstrual circle of sorrow by saying that sins will be born again. After seeing the realms Braska had inherited from her and her belief in her father's will to free Spira, Yuna has the power to refuse the final summon and find another way to defeat sins without using a final aeon.

Brazil will make a small performance in Finals Fantasy X-2, where he, along with Auron and Jecht Yuna and the Gullwings, will give inspirational words in the last fight against Vegnagun and Shuyin. The Braska is expressed by Takuma Suzuki in the Japan language only. Andrew Philpot voices it in the German language versions of Finale Fantasy X, but Dee Bradley Baker voices it in Finale Fantasy X-2.

Is a stump about a person in Pictlogica Fantasy Ultimate. To help the Fantasy Wiki, you can expand it. Brazka is an allies and a conjurable legend portrayed in his Fantasy Final X apparel. The Braska is a playful player who was hired during the Challenge Window on the Past as the first reward for finishing the Djose Temple scene of the Part 1 game.

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