Brasserie Theme

Theme Brasserie

Interaktive Layout The Brasserie is a nice, appealing, e-commerce-compatible theme that is mainly used by restaurants web sites. One of the most favourite topics for restaurants is the fact that the Brasserie already offers everything a website or on-line gastronomy needs. The only thing you have to do is adapt this theme to your needs and your designs, and your new website will be up and running in no more than a few minutes.

The Brasserie is a free, fast-response theme that makes it simple for your clients to visit your website on any appliance. No matter if you want to open an on-line shop or simply build an on-line copy of your current shop, the Brasserie is the right place for you. The Brasserie theme includes several built-in themes and patterns so you can select the one that best fits the theme of your establishment.

Best of all, the neat yet highly engaging design almost compels your clients and users to constantly browse the site's pages. Your homepage's design is very easy, but very appealing and shows the highlight of your restaurants together with today's newsletters, the latest from your blogs and the articles presented.

There is also a nice slide control on the homepage that allows you to emphasize restaurants, specials and other information. Use the Brasserie theme to create a basic, information-based dining website, or create a full on-line dining experience with on-line ordering. The theme provides a fully featured WooCommerce compliant web shop that can be activated with a single click.

This allows your customers to order meals on-line, make on-line payment and reserve a table in advance. Your customers can also make meal orders on-line. With the WooCommerce plug-in you can use all functions of a full on-line shop free of charge. The Brasserie WordPress theme also has a special blogs that can be used to encourage and encourage writing about your company.

Blogging is probably the very first on-line digital signage demand for any company. The Brasserie is built in with a blogs section, so it's the ideal place to exchange information, offers, messages, etc. with your clients on-line. Their website blogs can form the best message boards you can get for your on-line restaurants.

Best of all, the blogs can be found directly on the home page of your website, so your company gets all the information it needs.

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