Bridge 4

Jumper 4

Originally Bridge Four was a bridge crew in the army of Highprince Sadeas. Bride 4 has an official glyph! You can now show your loyalty to Bridge 4! and other great things they call me Kev, Bridge or Chenny.

sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit]

Shifting to Bridge Four was often used as a penalty for bridgemen,[5] and the presence of a group less fortunate than themselves was a mind check applied by Sadeas' men on the remainder of the bridge crew. Consequently, the bridge girders in Bridge Four knew that nothing bad could be done to them and did not stand up for anything.

Arriving at the Sadeas war camp bridge courtyard, Kaladin succeeded in earning the immediate hostility of Gaz, the bridge sergeant responsible for the bridge crew, who then placed him on Bridge Four. Following meticulous and protracted preparations in which the bridge bearers were trained to battle and procure the necessary ressources, and just as they found the chance to put their flight plans into action, Kaladin and Bridge Four found themselves suddenly in Alethi policy when their High Prince Torol Sadeas revealed Dalinar Kholin during the Battle of the Tower, the latter left behind inferior to the Parshedi anrmy they fought.

As part of the Sadeas war camp, Bridge Four became witness to treason. Kaladin, as skipper, commissioned several members of Bridge Four to become officer of the new battalion: Bridge Four, as the High Prince Dalinar's own bodyguard, watched over both the High Prince and his ancestors. The Dalinar was her top priorities because Kaladin thought that the prince was her only guarantor of liberty.

As a rule, he always had a crew headed by a Bridge Four Lt., if not by Kaladin himself, who watched the Prince at all moments, while the remainder of the Bridge Four watched his children or performed other duties as members of the Kaladin Forces. Eventually, Teft and Lopen combined fees to become Knight's Radiant, and[18] other Bridge Four members may already have done the same.

Survivors members who have been in the fourth bridge since the bridge team' day have been tattooing glyphs for "Freedom" and "Bridge Four" on their people. As a rule, the symbol of a liberated slaves is the symbol of "freedom". An liberated slaves receives a certificate of liberty, but he could also coat his badge with a tag that gives detail of his liberty in order to reduce possible miscommunications.

Kind of melts the pencil further and further away from Kaladin's brow when it's his turn to be a tattoo. Therefore Kaladin, whose own trademark was not cured even after such a long time with Stormlight, has no tats....

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