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The focus of BBI was on bridge-related learning software. Bridging Base Online | American Contract Bridging League Founded in 1990 by Fred Gitelman and Sheri Winestock in Toronto, Bridge Base Inc. is a company that was founded in 1990 by Fred Gitelman and Sheri Winestock. The BBI focused on bridge-related learningoftware. In 1990, Bridge Base installed its first stand at a NABC to show its softwares to the public.

And Fred still recalls how he thought, "That's a good thing - we're going somewhere with that."

The Bridge Master, a programme marketed on diskettes for desktop computer use, was the first ever successful product. In the last weeks of 2000, the first release of what became BBO was produced - largely the outcome of an independent Gitelman coding trial. Currently, the available on-line bridge service is either chargeable or of inferior standard.

Both Winestock and Gitelman thought that a high value, free location was important for the bridge's viability. Fred and Sheri turned to Uday Ivatury at NABC this past summers for help and support. Since Uday had faith in the BBO idea and wanted to help, he volunteered to rewrite much of the current BBO coding.

Inspired by Ivatury's work, Fred and Sheri volunteered to make Uday a part of their new project. Back then, the enterprise was not much more than a charity work that had no means to generate revenue and did not plan to do so; however, Ivatury took up the challenge. When the site grew further and expenditure began to rise, BBO had to begin to generate revenue.

At about the same epoch, Bridge Base Online, Ltd. was established in Nevada, where Fred and Sheri had located. BBO's first web-based customer application was published in 2018. In the same year, the firm purchased GIB, Matthew Ginsberg's bridge play robotsoftware. As a result of this takeover, several of the most common robotic tournament sizes have been developed and the constant need to improve the GIB has been met.

The BBO is growing and making the bridge available to the crowds. Fred has increased its workforce to 20 bridge enthusiasts, some of whom have never personally encountered Fred, Sheri and Uday.

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