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Bijoux Aurora Spark Abstract Neoprene Bodycon dress in Singapore, Singapore. <: BRIDGE Like Shar in Old Town! Like Rach inlack! Obtainable Produced by us only, a designer collar-Peplum-Top which has been designed by our team! We' ve kept both whites and blacks!

"5 "5" Waist - 13" to 13. 5" Length - 22. 5" PTP - 17" to 17". "5 "5" waistline - 14" to 14".

"5 "5" waistline - 15" to 15". "5" length - 22. 5" As seen on Shar in Dark Grey! This is an exclusive spin-off from our popular Manhattan Chinos! We love the paper bag designs at the bottom and the cock step that makes up the entire check overprint! Taille - 12. "5 "5" waistline - 13" hips - 17" height - 10.

"5 "5" waistline - 13. "5 "5" length - 38" Waist - 14. "5" Length - 38" As you can see on Rach in white! Like Shar in Blue! How to see on Rach & Shar in black! The last few items are available exclusivly produced this weeks, our Monte Decorated Neckdress has raised the bar to prepare for your year-end party!

Everybody can choose to wrap the gown in a style that will make your neck glitter! Slightly covered sleeves help conceal all unsightly flaccid sleeves, and we go mad! We include a free thin waistbelt with the gown to emphasize a sleeker fit for all!

"5" As on Rach in white to see! Like Shar in Indigo! Whites & Indigo all hanging / for sale! The last few tracks for black in S & M Sizes! This is our very first exclusive top, which we all rave about non-stop! The tangerine neck and cuff sleeve make this stylish and refined dress very easy to wear!

"5" sleeves - 20" As seen on Shar in white! Like Rach in beige! Exclusive available at Fash Mob this weeks is our third number from BRIDGE! We break all the odds with our Ballerina leatherette gown by using full grain leathers for this gown and by folding the rock we give it another turn!

It has a fantastic fit with a slightly incised top that hides unattractive axle grease and a racer-back style that keeps things in the cool but not so cool area! Our favourite is the matte finish of the leathers, which are not too thick as they help to give the garment an extravagant look and make it suitable for wearing in our weather all year round!

Select the clean withe leathers for an angelical yet angular look, beige for contrast and classical blacks for the dark Schwan look! 16 " PTP waist - 13 " Length - 32 " PTP 17 " Wrist - 14 " Length - 32 . "5 "5" ptp - 18" tail - 15" length - 32.

Our second exclusive gown that we like to wear in one piece! It' s our pleasure to see how the back and the waistband inserts in the leathers give the gown an additional boost! We' ve chosen a slightly heavier luxury fabric for the gown to highlight the skater-rock effect that everyone likes! Featuring a contrasting waistband in all three colors, no belts are required!

Whiteness for the neat and angel-like look; redness for the daring and head-hugging; blacks for the classic and the canted! Both Rach and Shar kept both the whites and the reds! "5 "5" waist - 13" length - 32" PTP - 17. "5 "5" waist - 14" length - 32. "5 "5" Taille - 15" Length - 33" As seen on Blogger Jessica from TippyTapp and Shar!

How to see Apple and Rach! This is our very first exclusive gown that you must not miss! It is the gown that best describes our FM styling! Low rivets give the necessary nervousness (not too much exaggerated!) and the slightly incised front side hides something unattractive on the underarms!

With a rivetted midriff, no belts are required and all you need is a thick bracelet or a distinctive pocket to match your outfit! Both Rach and Shar kept the white and black, while Apple kept the black! "5 "5" Waist - 13" Length - 32" PTP - 17. "5 "5" Waist - 14" Length - 32" PTP - 18.

"5 "5" Waist - 15" Length - 32.5" Length.

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