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The original publication, original Danish and Swedish edition: The concept for a bridge over the Golden Gate Strait. Die Brücke (TV-Serie 2011) In the first part of the show, a corpse is discovered right in the middle of the Öresund Bridge, which connects Malmö with Copenhagen and requires a common study. Sophia Helin, a policewoman from Sweden Saga Norén, is playing in all four episodes. The first and second games are dominated by Kim Bodnia's Denmark opponent Martin Rohde and the third and forth by Thure Lindhardt Henrik Sabroe.

When a corpse is found in the centre of the Öresund Bridge, which links Copenhagen with Malmö and is located right on the boundary between the two states, the inquiry is the responsibility of the Danes and Swedes authorities.

Norén from Sweden and Martin Rohde from Denmark are leading the inquiry. During the course of the study Martin and Saga developed a strong collaboration. MARTIN' had a thrombectomy. August, an eighteen-year-old boy from his first wedding, now lives with Martin and his present spouse Mette, with whom Martin has three kids, finds Mette waiting for another pair of siblings.

Zaga live alone and has no serious relationship, but rather picks up men in a bar for occasional sex. What she does not like is the fact that she has a lot of time for it. One of the coasters drives off the course and hits the Öresund bridge. Tella arrived at the crime site and found the vessel abandoned, except for five persons - three Swedes and two Danes - chain-linked and in bad shape below decks.

Saaga arranged for Martin to be referred to the case even though he suffered a mental collapse after the deaths of his boy. Oliver was the sole leader of the story, but Oliver shows further proof that there must be at least one more complicit.

Policeman shows that two of the previously found corpses contain a lethal viral that causes inner haemorrhage and is released into the air as soon as the victim's own remains escape from the human system; Saga and Martin suspect that Gertrud invented the viral and infects Victoria with the intention of distributing it at the EU meeting.

When the area is restricted, Martin and Zaga talk to Pernille over the air, and when Victoria kills in pain, Pernille chooses not to go the same way and kills herself with her weapon. In Malmö, Sweden, when a woman corpse is found on a building site - in a panel depicting a typical Danish mother and father as well as a Copenhagen policewoman Hanne Thomsen, who is an enemy of the case because of her part in the imprisonment of Martin Rohde, the case is referred to her.

Saaga will then have a new Dane associate, Henrik Sabroe. Linn, who substituted the kidnapped Hans, puts off Zaga for a while and substitutes Rasmus for her.

Sage and Henrik follow a trail and get there in good order to safe the three. Tella goes to his home in good order to get him back. Soon after, Zaga is told that a temporary hearings on her case is planned, and although Linn believes it won't go any further, she fears that she will loose everything.

Henrik, who wants to find his two missed sons himself, quits his work and goes to ask them to join him. Henrik realizes that she is considering taking her own lives on the rails when the light of an imminent arrival is on, and tries frantically to persuade her not to, and insists that he needs her expert knowledge to find his maid.

As he tries to traverse the trail to her, Saga pulls a weapon on him and orders him to retreat before apparently setting off on the journey of an arriving platoon. However, as it goes by, Henrik sees that she has not gone through it, but has dropped to her feet, a little away, and goes to her consolation as she begins to sob.

Following her dismissal and the order to help Henrik clear up the case, he is moved in with Zaga. Henrik begins treatment after having a seizure of the bridge while crossing it, and visits addict sessions. Another two casualties are found, and Saga recognizes that each casualty is executed with a single technique for the execution of condemned inmates - indicating a grand total of seven casualties, four of whom are yet to come.

Henrik realises as more men are killed that the connection between the victim and Tommy is connected - a criminal and policeman Henrik used to know. To Henrik, Tommy had said when and where his mob would attack another mob, but the DA declined to go after the top.

Henry and Lilian's participation in this case makes their beloved ones possible casualties of further murder because they are said to have ratted Tommy out. In the meantime Lega has become pregnant by now and has decided to have an abortion, which annoys Henrik. Eventually she realises that she is in Love with Henrik, so she stops her childhood in order to eliminate a possible barrier to her relation with him.

Henrik is angry and kicks her out of the building. After talks with her physiotherapist, she decides to make reparations and doubles her effort to find Henrik's sons. Re-united with Henrik, Astrid told him that his other daugther Anna had passed away from treating acute adrenocitis. Lega finds that the killer is Tommy's former mistress, Susanne Winter, Thormond' wife's assistent.

Helped by her physiotherapist, she releases Saga's blame for her sister's murder. Your counselor proposes that saga be a cop to make up for her sister's murder. Admired by her, saga assists in confirming that her mom was suffering from a mental health issue and probably causing her sister's deaths.

Solved with her fault, saga discovered that she can investigate outside the lives of the cops. Yet when she is called to a conversation with a former inmate, she finds out that Susanne Winter has not acted alone. Meanwhile, Henrik tries to re-establish his connection with Astrid. As Henrik turns around, Brian gets up from his chair and assaults him.

Astrid and Henrik are tied up and he asks Henrik to see him shoot Astrid. Henry rejects, so Brian fires her in the foot and says that he will mutilate her further until Henry opens his eye. There' s a bullet to be fired and Henrik sees that Brian has been killed by the Saga.

Zaga visited Henrik and told him that she was going to investigate the things she wanted to do, but promised to keep in contact. Scandinavia launched the third production run on 27 September 2015. From Wednesday 21 September 2011, the first broadcast of the show was shown at SVT1 in Sweden at 21:00 on a weekly basis.

The Bridge did not have enough spectators on several occasion to be placed in the top 10 SVT1 shows every week. The Bridge won their window in Sweden for the first five matches against the Hawaii Five-0 on TV4. It was broadcast from EP6 against the beloved Berg FLYTTAR show in (sv), which would hit The Bridge to the last EP when they were bound in virtual form.

Narva and Ivangorod are the two characters in the serial; the bridge is the intersection at Narva. NTV networking had taken up the dramatic episode for a two-season contract and shooting began in January 2016. Parkinson's, Justin (January 5, 2016). "True history of the bridge." Returned on January 5, 2016.

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