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Bridge Page Sales Funnel. What is a bridge page and how does it differ from affiliate marketing? It was a period when the web was full of advertising, it was almost unfeasible to browse the web without encountering pop-up advertisements and eye-catching flags. Since then, not much has happened except that Google has revolutionised the web with the mission of providing consumers with a high-quality web experiences.

The slim, neat look made Google the most popular website. That' s why Google AdWords forbids bridge pages. AdWords defines bridge pages as sites whose primary goal is to direct visitors to another site. Perhaps you are asking yourself, is this not affiliated or not? Note in the Google glossary does not use the term "affiliate".

The Bridge Pages use per default the term Associate Pages; however, Associate Pages need not necessarily be restricted to the Bridge Page practices. Google bridge advertisements could result in blocking the Google AdWords site and even a total prohibition of Google AdWords, with automatic blocking when new sites are created. First a little to the bridge sides.

Bridge sites are flooding the web. Everyone who has been on the web has at least once in his web life been a victim landed on one. Bridging pages are also known as Bible Farming, Getting Started Pages, Portal Pages and Doorway Gateway Pages. However, since most major browsers do not allow bridge page submission, spamers find other ways to increase your site's popularity.

As an example, the current bridge page usage is to benefit the visitor flow of heavily frequented sites by getting wrongly written varieties of popular domain names like : A different approach is to purchase web domain names with high levels of visitor activity that are no longer actively traded or that contain keywords with high volume searches, such as You can see that these sites contain nothing but advertising.

So, exactly how do you do affilate without what is called a bridge page? It' simple for sites that use affilate commerce to be seen as bridge sites. There are two ways affiliated sellers who differ from a spammer and want Google to make them visible to your visitors:

If, for example, you are an associate marketing company for plus-size apparel, you might have an in-depth articles of at least 500 words about the society's perception of women's images, useful facts on its healthcare implications, emerging plus-size apparel, its increasing popularity, and plus-size designer (there would be a great room to put some ads).

If you have a website that is very interesting, you can run a PPC with Google AdWords to direct your visitors to it. AdWords allows advertising for informational sites. Adhering to the pay per click quest allows you to place adverts on sites that end up directly on the merchant's page.

The way this works is that you get a clear unambiguous link from your affilate managers or your spyware.

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